6 Ways to Fuel Your Sales Performance Using Today’s Tech

From customer experience to data-driven decision-making, knowing how to use technology to your advantage is crucial in your company’s ability to survive.

The Technology of Insurance Sales With David Offutt, Farmers Insurance

David has always been a techy-sales person, believing that streamlining and automating the sales process is the only way to do business. Beginning his insurance career in 2008, he began with 4 lines on an antiquated key system using different numbers with personal cell phones used for texting. David is passionate in his business and having the latest equipment and technology.

Generating Life Insurance Leads With Grayson Thompson

At just 20 years old, Grayson was easily one of the youngest Farmers agents out there. In just 7 years, he has become one of the top agents in the Ohio area earning the coveted Blue Vase and New Business awards. Being so young, Grayson felt the push to step outside the box and find innovative ways to write contracts and generate leads. Grayson sat down with DYL to help give other agents some insight into his winning life insurance lead generating process.

Insurance Sales Automation With Keith Zabrocki

With no prior insurance sales knowledge, Keith had to work overtime by trial and error to earn the coveted position of Allstate’s Inner Circle Elite agents. He’s built a winning structure from the ground up, using innovative techniques to generate lucrative leads and build a strong, effective team. Keith’s focus these days has been generating leads through popular Facebook campaigns

Insurance Agency Mergers & Acquisitions With Michael Glick

Starting out in the insurance business in 1989 meant that Michael has had to keep up to date with technological advances that could build his business. As DYL’s first Nationwide Insurance client in 2001, Michael has built his business around the innovative technology of our business phone platform. With 17 acquisitions and 10 mergers under his belt, Michael is definitely doing something right. Michael believes that persistence and planning pay off, and he teaches us how he has become so successful.

Generating Insurance Leads With Anthony Aguilar

Founder of The Tribe agency, Anthony uses the methods he’s developed in FaceBook ads to help other agents navigate the tricky world of social media advertising. He believes in setting goals and budgets to achieve those goals. Many agents begin seeing results after 2 weeks of working Anthony’s FaceBook ad program. He walks us through his process and how to set yourself up for lifelong success with minimal out of pocket expense.

Creating a Call Center Success Story With Brent Heurter

Starting out a trial run with only 6 employees, Brent Heurter’s Healthy Halo Insurance call center quickly exploded to included 20-40 full time employees. HIs unique approach to generating exclusive leads and working those leads has become a hallmark of his success. Automation has been another significant portion of his success. Learn some of his tips and tricks in this interview.

Growth-hacking Your Sales Team

When he started out, Adrian Cisneros never imagined he would own one of the most successful Farmers Agencies in the country. Adrian has built his business on the philosophy of doing the right thing and presenting each client with the best policy for their individual circumstance.

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