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Boosting Employee Productivity


Creating a Call Center Success Story With Brent Heurter

Starting out a trial run with only 6 employees, Brent Heurter’s Healthy Halo Insurance call center quickly exploded to included 20-40 full time employees. HIs unique approach to generating exclusive leads and working those leads has become a hallmark of his success. Automation has been another significant portion of his success. Learn some of his tips and tricks in this interview.

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Jessie Navarro has reached the pinnacle of performance with Farmers Insurance---the Championship level, which recognizes the top 0.5% of agents in the country for...

Automation vs. Motivation

Any expert in behavioral change will tell you that willpower is a limited resource. Are you relying on your salespeople to be fired up, just...

[Case Study] Hiring and Staffing Secrets From A Top 10 Allstate Agent

How does a Top 10 Allstate agent use DYL to hire and train superstars? Joseph Puckett is the President of Operations for Craig Wiggins Allstate....

Be More Productive In Sales With These Smart Techniques

It's already 1:30 pm and all you've really done today is to talk to a few sort of cold prospects, and read a bunch...

These Days Customer Service is More Important than Ever

In the time of COVID-19, Customer Service Teams are your business’s front line workers. 2020 has become a...