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Creating an Efficient Workplace


Simplifying Insurance Sales with Andrew Jewell of Farmers Insurance

There’s a reason that Andrew Jewell was named the Farmers 2018 Business Insurance Agent of the Year, beating out over 14,000 other candidates; he is a top-tier professional with years of unparalleled insurance expertise.

Game changing Tools for Sales and Service With David Offutt, Farmers Insurance

David Offutt uses his ten years of telecom sales experience to run an insurance company that has made toppers every year since opening for business. Hear how he transformed a two-man operation into a thriving sales operation with no end in sight.

Award Winning LSP Sales Strategy With Craig Pretzinger

Starting out in the insurance business in 2008, Craig quickly learned he needed to implement a strategy for running a successful insurance agency. He developed a winning strategy which he then developed into an agency to help struggling businesses to efficiently recruit, hire and train LSP’s. Craig believes that cutting edge technology is a key component to running and effective insurance agency. Automating as much of the CRS and lead management work will free up more time for focusing on client needs.

Best Practices – Lead Activity Tool With Ramsey Barnette

Ramsey Barnette has been an Allstate Agent in California for just over a year and has gone from 489 signed contract packages to almost 800 utilizing DYL’s lead activity tool. Ramsey unequivocally believes there is "gold" in the lead activity tool. He works hard and believes if you respect your clients and earn their trust, they will be clients for life.

[Case Study] Creating A Breakthrough Insurance Agency With Bart Baker

Bart Baker is a legend with Farmers Insurance. He is a member of the President's Council, has over 30 years experience, and is the...

How Click to Call Technology Can Benefit Your Business

DYL offers services that are designed to streamline business processes and convert more leads into sales. Our ContactConnect service is an automated lead management...

[Case Study] How A Farmers agent reached #1 in the district using DYL

Zachary Schneiderman consistently hits #1 in his district each month. How does he do it? Through a combination of internet leads, a strong process,...

Why Most Sales Professionals Are Fed Up with CRMs

We've noticed so many articles discussing sales professionals hating their CRM software, we decided to dig a little deeper to see what all of...

Sales Automation Made Simple

How much of your day is spent toggling between different systems for managing leads – including dialing, texting, emailing to follow up, managing inbound...

6 Ways to Fuel Your Sales Performance Using Today’s Tech

From customer experience to data-driven decision-making, knowing how to use technology to your advantage is crucial in your company’s ability to survive.