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Simplifying Insurance Sales with Andrew Jewell of Farmers Insurance

There’s a reason that Andrew Jewell was named the Farmers 2018 Business Insurance Agent of the Year, beating out over 14,000 other candidates; he is a top-tier professional with years of unparalleled insurance expertise.

Insurance Agency Mergers & Acquisitions With Michael Glick

Starting out in the insurance business in 1989 meant that Michael has had to keep up to date with technological advances that could build his business. As DYL’s first Nationwide Insurance client in 2001, Michael has built his business around the innovative technology of our business phone platform. With 17 acquisitions and 10 mergers under his belt, Michael is definitely doing something right. Michael believes that persistence and planning pay off, and he teaches us how he has become so successful.

[Case Study] Internet Lead Mastery With Allstate Agent Pat Sprague

Internet leads. Why do some insurance agents fail while others have massive success? It all comes down to one thing: process. In this exclusive webcast, Allstate Insurance agent Pat Sprague shares his process for converting internet leads.

Are You Keeping Your Customers Happy…Enough?

Dan owns a one-man insurance sales business and he’s doing pretty well. He brings in about $700k/year and takes home a respectable amount of...

Internet Leads: If You’re Not First, You’re Last [Infographic]

First position tends to be the coveted spot in terms of inside sales. Let's face it: Earning commission on every deal closed tends to...

The Secret to Increasing Your Contact Rate by 35%

Between phone calls, voice mails, emails and SMS (text messaging), there are so many ways to reach or miss a lead. Our customers are busy people,...

6 Ways to Fuel Your Sales Performance Using Today’s Tech

From customer experience to data-driven decision-making, knowing how to use technology to your advantage is crucial in your company’s ability to survive.