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[Case Study] Internet Lead Mastery With Allstate Agent Pat Sprague

Internet leads. Why do some insurance agents fail while others have massive success? It all comes down to one thing: process. In this exclusive webcast, Allstate Insurance agent Pat Sprague shares his process for converting internet leads.

Are You Keeping Your Customers Happy…Enough?

Dan owns a one-man insurance sales business and he’s doing pretty well. He brings in about $700k/year and takes home a respectable amount of...

Internet Leads: If You’re Not First, You’re Last [Infographic]

First position tends to be the coveted spot in terms of inside sales. Let's face it: Earning commission on every deal closed tends to...

The Secret to Increasing Your Contact Rate by 35%

Between phone calls, voice mails, emails and SMS (text messaging), there are so many ways to reach or miss a lead. Our customers are busy people,...