Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

You're busy. DYL can help you talk to more supporters, faster.

Why Nonprofit Organizations Choose DYL

It’s no secret that nonprofit organizations have unique challenges. Whether the marketing department is reaching out to the public or members of the organization are making cold calls to donors, the phone is always ringing. With DYL, you’ll be able to streamline all your activity with our client management software for nonprofit organizations.

Benefits of Nonprofits Using VoIP Phone Systems

Imagine a prospective volunteer filling out a form on your website, requesting information. Using our VoIP phone system, your staff immediately calls the lead and secures a schedule for that person within minutes. Because your team was able to contact them so quickly, they don’t even bother researching other organizations. With our lead & contact automation software, your staff members are able to create leads for every inbound and outbound call, complete with notes and unlimited call recordings. You won’t have to worry about ever missing a lead again.

Your sales team can also make hundreds of outbound calls to warm prospects - at triple the speed of dialing by hand! Call reluctance is a thing of the past with our sales automation software. Your customers that were on the fence are now hot prospects.

With DYL, you can text your donors and volunteers from your business number. Whether you want to alert volunteers about hours or alert donors of upcoming events, you can do it all. Your entire process is automated.

From follow-up calls to emails and text messages, DYL is the ultimate phone solution for nonprofit organizations.

Contact DYL Phone Service Professionals

If you’re ready to streamline your non profit’s business functions call our team today at 855-357-9249 or schedule a free demo now to get the details about how you can access the phone system of the future.


Turn internet leads into phone calls

Automatically follow up with prospects

Text your customers from your business number

Instantly respond to forms filled out on your website

Increase conversions by 300%

Email drip campaigns with your branding

Unlimited call recording and call tracking

Complete lead management


See how it all works


Love the texting feature, as well as faxing and VIEW. The recorded calls have saved me a few times and also helps me train staff.

‐ Jodi‐Rae Moore