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Why Educators Choose DYL

Educators and recruiters are often connected through telephones. School districts, classrooms, and offices often have phones to keep communication channels open at all times. Your school system can adopt VoIP to improve the types of communication they can offer. With a VoIP phone system, your school can be equipped with a much more cost effective solution.

DYL is helping schools nationwide cut their costs with phone companies. DYL provides VoIP phone systems that can be used by educational institutions for all their communication needs. Our service is sure to save your school money as well as provide reliable forms of communication that go beyond phones. Learn more about the benefits of switching to our VoIP systems.

Cut Costs With VoIP

Educational institutions can utilize VoIP to avoid paying the huge costs for a PBX or traditional phone system. Often, buying physical hardware, such as the phones themselves, is a cost you cannot avoid. With DYL VoIP, you can avoid the cost of phones or even get cheaper phones for your school.

Many phone companies often push for upgrades on phone services to get the tools you need. VoIP already comes packed with tools and features that are must haves for any phone system. Your school also gets other communication features that aren’t included in traditional phones. These features include texting and email.

Get VoIP For Your School Today!

Your school can take advantage of DYL by calling our team today at 855-357-9249 or schedule a free demo now to get the details about how you can access the phone system of the future.


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‐ Patrick Robinson, AL