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Why Ad Agencies Choose DYL

Communication is a huge part of advertising and marketing. From communicating to television viewers, radio listeners, and markets throughout the Internet, there are a huge number of ways to get a message across. Of course, all of the communication begins internally. Whether you are an in house team working on advertising and marketing or an agency servicing clients, you need a phone system that can handle your communication needs.

DYL combines phone systems with automated sales tools that make the sales process incredibly effective. Advertising and marketing teams can take advantage of our phone systems to handle a number of marketing and advertising tasks. Learn more about our VoIP service, the tools you are equipped with, and the advantage you gain from utilizing our services.

Advertising Tools

Call centers are a great tool for advertisers. They can be utilized to gain valuable information about their audience and more effectively advertise their products and services. With VoIP, you can utilize automatic dialing to streamline your calls to research your audience. You can learn plenty of information about your target consumer and develop a message that works well to sell your business.

Another valuable tool for advertising is email. No matter what the focus of your business, you can take advantage of email to spread the word to your customers or leads. Email lists make it easy to get a message out to thousands at once. The research you’ve done can be put into effect to get the message about your brands out.

Marketing Tools

Marketing allows your business to be more effective in reaching its target audience. Our email tools equip you with a number of strategies to increase the amount of opportunities and sales your sales team can make. Email can replace cold calling by providing a targeted message to the audience you find is most susceptible to the messaging.

Meanwhile, you can improve conversion rates through email. You can create lead nurturing programs that provide leads with information that keeps them interested in your products and services. These emails can be targeted for each of your brands and automated so you don’t have to spend a lot of time sending them out.

Meet Advertising and Marketing Needs With DYL

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If you're an insurance agent and do any phone sales at all (which means all of you), there is no other platform to use. Nothing else comes close.

‐ Patrick Robinson, AL