Business Phone Service for
Real-Estate Agents

Improve productivity and responsiveness for your growing agency

Why Real Estate Agencies Choose DYL

When you upgrade your phone system to DYL, every member of your real estate team becomes more productive. Your clients will appreciate your responsiveness and your agents will be easy to reach, whether they're in the office or on-the-go showing properties and closing deals.

DYL's all-in-one service includes full-featured VoIP technology seamlessly integrated with intuitive client management software and marketing tools in the cloud.

Imagine the Benefits for Your Real Estate Team

Whether your agents share desks and phones, work from home or spend a lot of time on the road, DYL makes them easy to reach, any time. Set up call-forwarding to any number and automatically get voicemail recordings and notifications delivered straight to your email inbox. The days of being tied to your desk are over.

All the Information You Need, At Your Fingertips

With DYL VoIP and lead management tools, agents can access their personal dashboards from any internet browser. When a buyer or seller calls, all of their details will pop-up automatically. You won't have to put them on hold to search for their account.

Track Sales, Enhance Marketing and Seize Opportunities

No matter how you secure leads for your real estate business, DYL lets you be first in line to contact them. You can upload internet leads from any source, and the system will call you in real-time. Your agents simply answer and press 1, and the system will connect you to the lead within three seconds. When you're first on the line with a buyer or seller, you can maximize every opportunity.

You can enhance your sales efforts with full-service email marketing and SMS text messages, while every communication with clients is logged and easily accessible.

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Our professional phone system for real estate agents is efficient and professional, and it will enhance your visibility and responsiveness from day one. Your clients will know you have their best interests at heart, and building trust means closing more deals while helping your agency grow.

Read more about our products and features, call us now at 855-357-9249 or contact a DYL representative today for a free demo and pricing information.


Turn internet leads into phone calls

Automatically follow up with prospects

Text your customers from your business number

Instantly respond to forms filled out on your website

Increase conversions by 300%

Email drip campaigns with your branding

Unlimited call recording and call tracking

Complete lead management


See how it all works


I love DYL! It has already helped us make so much money. One very important part of our business is making cold calls. Anything that can we can do to speed that up is a blessing. We even use text messaging to get listings!

‐ Kellie Jo Lovato, Real Estate Agent