Voicemail Transfers

Having the ability to send an inbound call straight to your voicemail is especially important in today's fast-paced world. This was once difficult to set up, however, new technology has allowed for business both large and small to integrate voicemail transfers seamlessly and with ease. In fact, nearly every business can benefit from this service.

Voicemail Transfer Explained

Whether you are in the middle of a meeting, are on another active call, or any other reason you cannot answer your phone, having the ability to transfer the call straight to your voicemail can be beneficial. Without this service, you could easily have to sit through a ringing phone, which can be quite annoying or even distracting.

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DYL's voicemail transfer helps you avoid this annoyance and can help keep distractions at bay. While we may believe we can multitask well, this can actually cause things to slip through the cracks. Narrowing your focus to one project at a time is key to producing your best work and meeting deadlines as needed.

VoiceConnect Features and Benefits

In addition to voicemail transfer, you gain access to many more features with DYL's revolutionary software. For example, you also gain access to our call parking feature, which allows you to park a call virtually while you attend to other calls or search for a resolution for a customer. Once ready, you can simply answer the call. That simple.

Some other helpful business phone features that DYL's VoiceConnect can be found below.

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