VoiceMail to Email: Benefits for Your Business

In an age when receptionists and even physical offices are no longer a business necessity, the need for a streamlined voicemail system, or phone system for that matter, is quite clear. In years passed, the only method in connecting with a missed connection relied on tracking voicemails and manually taking note of contact info. From a business standpoint, this outdated method only leaves room for error and even missed messages, ultimately leading to the risk of losing a lead. These days, that concern can be forgotten, as voicemail to email has streamlined the way in which we review messages and respond accordingly.

Of course, you and your business can take advantage of this efficient system with DYL as part of our VoiceConnect Business Phone Service. Along with a list of cloud-based phone system features, voicemail to email will change the way you connect with potential clients and ultimately convert leads into sales.

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How Does voicemail to Email Work?

Much like it sounds, our voicemail to email feature records your company's voice messages and sends them to the designated email—saving you time and increasing efficiency—simple as that. This way, you're notified wherever, whenever, and on any device. With your voicemail recording, you'll find any missed client's name, number, and/or address all in one place, negating the risk of deleting an important message or recording incorrect information. In short, voicemail to email benefits your business.

Voicemail to Email: Feature Benefits

Though the voicemail to email recording and delivery to your inbox is a benefit in itself, this streamlined feature presents a variety of additional advantages to businesses. Take a look below to see how our service can benefit your business:

  • Recording and delivery leads to quicker response times, and therefore, quicker communication with potential clients.
  • Quicker response time results in Improved customer service.
  • Allows you to automatically prioritize messages, as well as direct specific messages to the appropriate recipient.
  • With the ability to receive message anytime and anywhere, your business is essentially available at all times, so you never miss another lead.
  • With complete automation, messages are confidential.

Streamline Your Business Phone System

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