Record Incoming Voicemails and Receive over Email

Voicemail to Email lets your prospects or customers record a voicemail for your staff. To check new voicemails, you will receive emails via your inbox.
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How Voicemail to Email Works

For many businesses, the only way to connect with a missed call is to rely on a receptionist to listen to voicemails and manually note the contact’s information before passing it on.

But what if the receptionist calls in sick, is away from his or her desk, or is busy answering other calls?

The wrong information could be transcribed, or a message could be deleted accidentally. Bottom line is this outdated method leaves much room for error and risks losing leads. For many businesses, the only way to connect with a missed call is to rely on a receptionist to listen to voicemails and manually note the contact’s information before passing it on.
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Voicemail to email solves this issue. When customers leave a voicemail, the recorded messages are delivered to the designated rep’s email inbox, along with the caller’s contact info.

Your representative can be at home, down the street, or in another state. Within seconds, they’ll know who called and when, simply by logging into their email. With one click, your staff can call them back.

Business growth begins with creating a positive customer experience. Give your employees the right tools to impress your audience. Voicemail to Email ensures your clients are given the courtesy they deserve.
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Voicemail Recordings Straight to Your Inbox

Have you ever called a company and left a voicemail, only to never hear back?

Or maybe they do call back, but much later.

Maybe the person you’re trying to reach is away and most companies assume you’ll call again.

Of course, this only creates a negative customer experience, leading to negative online reviews and lost business.

But what if you had a system in place, designed to respond to customer inquiries as they came in?

Voicemail to Email is an affordable way to show people you value their time and business.

With this feature, your staff knows when a customer or lead has called, because the caller’s voicemail is sent directly to their email inbox for quick follow up.

Who needs DYL’s Voicemail to Email feature? Business owners who want to improve the experience for prospects and customers to establish long term relationships.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Stay Connected Anywhere with Voicemail-to-Email

Customer service is pivotal to converting prospects into customers.

DYL’s Voicemail to Email feature gives your teams an additional way to access and respond to an inquiry.

Even when not in the office.

With the added ability to listen to a call via email, a prospect’s information is safely stored with no risk of losing the recording or having to listen to several other voicemails to reach the one they want.

Save your team time and increase their opportunities with a tool designed to make connecting easier. Learn more with a free demo.
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Opening the Door to Opportunity

Victoria Gent, real estate manager at Maison Properties, had several houses coming to market and needed to boost interest. The attendance to her last few open houses were underwhelming and she knew that if she could generate demand, her revenue would go up.

Upon investigation, she discovered the problem was actually not a lack of interest, but rather that her team of agents were missing calls.

Either they were away from their desks or on the road, but several hot prospects were lost, simply because their calls were not being returned in a timely manner. By the time the prospects heard back, they’d moved on.

Fortunately, she found DYL’s Voicemail to Email feature. With this feature in place, her team would receive incoming voicemails directly to their email inboxes, so they could check them and take notes anytime they had a few minutes to spare. Paired with our Lead Connect system, incoming calls could be auto-assigned to agents to increase the chances of being connected right away.

Victoria’s efforts were a success. With DYL’s platform in place, open house attendance jumped 77% and closing rates improved by an additional 9%.

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