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How Phone Extension Work

Calling a business for assistance can be a pain for several reasons: (1) no one is available, so you go straight to voicemail and have to wait for a call back, (2) a receptionist puts you on hold while wrapping up another call, and then you get disconnected, (3) you go through a lengthy phone tree of pre-recorded messages and end up having to press for a live operator anyway.

All of these scenarios reflect poorly on your business and can easily be solved with Phone Extensions.
DYL Advanced Workflows
  • 1. Organize Your Team by Department or Single User

  • 2. Give Your Small Business a Larger Appearance

  • 3. Customer Experience Gets the Green Light

  • 4. Additional Features
DYL’s Phone Extension assigns each employee with his/her own extension number while keeping the main number the same. The pros are plenty. For starters, transferring calls is much easier. If a customer calls the wrong department, a staff member can transfer the call through the drag-and-drop function or by calling the correct extension number.

If the caller has a favorite staff member, they can reach them directly by dialing their extension, and extensions offer instant credibility to your business.

Need to add an extension because of a new hire? No problem. Phone Extensions are made to be scalable.
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Organize Your Team by Department or Single User

More than ever before, today’s customers expect businesses to offer a personal touch.

And that person-to-person contact begins with your phone service.

If your customers can’t connect with the department or person they’re trying to reach, it frustrates them.

Getting back in their good graces will be a costly, uphill climb.

The solution is simple. Assign each employee with an extension number, so customers can speak with the person they’re trying to reach.

DYL’s Phone Extensions are designed to improve the customer experience, which in turn will improve your customer retention rate and boost your credibility.

Who needs Phone Extension? Business owners looking to improve their customer service and build their brand presence as a client-first company.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Give Your Small Business a Larger Appearance

Phone Extension makes it easy for callers to reach the correct person or department in several ways.

If a customer calls the wrong department, the employee simply transfers the call via drag-and-drop or by dialing the correct extension number.

If your customer doesn’t remember the extension they’re supposed to call, DYL comes with a Virtual Receptionist which routes the call to the correct department or employee.

Best for personal experiences and satisfying customers. Whether your team consists of 2 people or 200, Phone extensions improve the customer’s experience by streamlining their phone calls.

Phone Extension also gives your company a larger presence by making it easy to add new hires, while keeping the main phone number the same.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Customer Experience Gets the Green Light

In an effort to grow its client base, Tendell Automotive wanted to improve its customer experience.

But doing so required overcoming one giant hurdle. Dozens of past customers had left negative reviews, tainting their image over the course of a couple of years.

The common thread among the reviews was the customers’ inability to reach the appropriate reps at the dealership after making their purchase. From the finance department to sales department to service department, calls would come in, but assistance was limited because reps were either on the sales floor or away from their desks. Needless to say, this left customers feeling unimportant and frustrated.

Making matters worse, new car shoppers would read these reviews online and look elsewhere.

To solve this problem, owner Mark Tendell decided look for a system that would allow him to assign new car shoppers a team member from each department to assist postpurchase. By giving each team member a phone extension number, the customer could easily reach their designated staff member more quickly.

DYL’s Phone Extension was exactly what he needed. In addition to offering all employees their own extension, DYL’s all-in-one platform enabled managers to improve team accountability through Reports and Office View. Follow-up was also much easier with DYL’s automated marketing tools.

In the end, Tendell Automotive met its goal and through increased customer engagement, began seeing a trend in positive reviews. As its online perception continues to rise, they hope to grow well into the future.

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