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Minimize wait times and change greetings based on time of day or special occasion.
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How Personal Voicemail Greeting Works

When a customer calls your business and no one answers, it leaves a negative impression.

But with a personalized greeting to point them in the right direction, rather than being dumped into a generic voicemail, the caller is either forwarded to an available staff member or allowed to leave a message at the right department.
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  • 1. Adapt Voicemail Greetings for Extra Convenience

  • 2. Personal Voicemail Greetings for Business are More Professional

  • 3. Giving Credit Where it’s Due

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Either way, you’re showing prospects and customers you value their time and business.

Whether out to lunch for an hour or on vacation for several days, let callers know when they can expect to hear back from you. Or better yet, redirect them to an available team member.

DYL’s Personal Voicemail Greeting feature is designed to satisfy customers' and prospects' needs faster and with greater accuracy, while raising your company’s reputation for superior customer experience.
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Adapt Voicemail Greetings for Extra Convenience

Did you know 50 - 70% of callers don’t leave voicemails? That’s a problem for businesses equipped with old tech.

It makes it difficult for your customer service team to know if it’s worth their time to call back. After all, the calls could be just be spam or scams.

But communication is a necessity for business success: callers say they feel more relieved (27%), less frustrated (26%), more hopeful (25%), and less angry (24%) when they can reach a customer service agent.

DYL’s Personal Voicemail Greetings combined with our Interactive Voice Response, routes your prospects and customers to an associate who can help.

Who needs DYL’s Personal Voicemail Greetings? Business owners who want to show their customers they matter by improving their customer experience.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Personal Voicemail Greetings for Business are More Professional

Anyone who has ever called a business for support can relate to one of these two instances: being put on hold, while elevator music loops endlessly for minutes at a time. Or providing a lengthy explanation to the first operator, only to be transferred to another rep and having to repeat the explanation a second or even a third time.

Either way, calling a business shouldn’t be a customer’s nightmare.

With DYL’s Personal Voicemail Greeting, the caller is guided through a series of steps, designed to point them in the right direction. If one representative is unavailable, another qualified rep can take the call. If no one is available, the customized greeting lets them leave a voicemail for the most qualified person to return their call.

When the rep is ready, he or she activates the voicemail and reaches out to the missed caller immediately.

Simply put, our Personal Voicemail Greeting feature ensures your customers are always taken care of.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Giving Credit Where it’s Due

Joanna Andrews, newly appointed CEO at One Full National Credit knew that for her company to compete, meeting the exceeding demands of today’s customers had to be number one.

The first task at hand?

To determine why customers were not following through with their credit plans after the first consultation. There seemed to be plenty of interest, but for some reason the accounts were not being created.

As it turned out, the staff wasn’t the issue. It was their outdated phone system. Apparently, when team members were away from their desks or on other calls, phones either rang off the hook or were dumped into a generic voicemail and executives were too busy to sift through the messages to know which department should follow up.

So to improve customer care and secure potential clientele, Joanna turned to DYL’s Personal Voicemail Greeting.

With the new system in place, not a single call went unattended and new accounts quickly followed.

Combined with DYL’s other marketing features, Joanna’s team now had better tools to improve customer fulfillment, and even referral rates and repeat customers exceeded expectations.

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