Keep Your Current Phone Number when Switching Providers

Number porting just means to transfer your phone. Instead of having to open a new account, DYL lets you transfer any phone numbers of your choosing.
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How Number Porting Works

Typically, when a business changes phone providers, they’re forced to change their number.

Needless to say, this can be a major problem. If customers and prospects don’t know about it, how do they reach you?

To get around this issue, companies are switching to business phone services that simplify the transfer process.
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  • 1. Number Porting Lets You Keep Your Number When Changing Providers

  • 2. Avoid Interruptions with VoIP Number Porting

  • 3. Making Way for Change by Keeping Things the Same

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DYL’s Number Porting does just that. With DYL, you place a transfer request and the porting process begins.

Your number remains the same, so there’s no need to change it on your website, your marketing materials, online ads, social media pages, partner pages, or anywhere else your number is listed.

If you’re looking for a way to change phone providers easily, Number Porting makes for a seamless transition.
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Number Porting Lets You Keep Your Number When Changing Providers

People remember great customer experiences. Whether it’s the rep they spoke with, the usability of the product or service, or a friendly message they received in their inbox.

But most of the time, they won’t remember the business’s phone number.

They’ll assign the number a contact name in case they need to reach out in the future. But if you change your phone number, they won’t be able to contact you.

So what will they think?

That maybe you went out of business?

DYL’s Number Porting feature ensures you get to keep your number when changing phone providers, so prospects and customers can reach your staff as if nothing has changed.

Who needs Number Porting? Business owners who want to seamlessly switch phone providers.
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Avoid Interruptions with VoIP Number Porting

Your business phone number is your company’s lifeline. Changing it is like cutting the rope that connects you to your prospects and customers.

Not only is it inconvenient for people to update their contact lists, but you’ll have to proactively notify every customer in advance, make the change on all your marketing materials, website, social media channels, and partner pages.

Though switching phone providers isn’t something companies do very often. When they do, they’re glad they had Number Porting in place.

With DYL’s Number Porting, your company retains its number after the switch is made, so it’s business as usual for your sales team, marketing team, and customer service department.

Whether your office is relocating, or you simply want a better deal with another provider, Number Porting is a must.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Making Way for Change by Keeping Things the Same

To celebrate its recent successes, Reynolds Media relocated to a larger office space downtown.

Not only was this an opportunity to expand, but they also saw this as a chance to switch to a better phone provider. Their existing provider was notorious for its mysterious bill charges, poor call quality, and spotty service.

The immediate challenge VP Arnold Peller faced was how to switch providers without changing the company phone number.

Prospect calls and customer experience were the keys to their success and they wanted to maintain the reputation they worked so hard to build.

So he and his employees searched for a solution and decided on DYL’s Number Porting.

After watching a demo, Peller learned that DYL offered much more than just number porting. With 80+ features inside DYL’s platform, he could improve productivity across all departments. They could reach out to customers via text, email, and phone, either in real time or a pre-set schedule.

The switch was seamless and the teams picked up right where they left off. It was the beginning of a thriving operation in a new environment.

DYL’s All-in-One Platform includes over 80 Customizable Features

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