Number porting

Retain Your Existing Phone Number

Quite often when a business switches phone providers, they're required to change their existing number, which ultimately causes confusion with existing clients. While an existing client can simply search your website once they realize they no longer have the correct number, any extra work for the customer or client can easily send them elsewhere. Fortunately, you can take advantage of number porting to retain your existing business phone number and avoid losing clients and customers.

At DYL, we offer a revolutionary business phone service, VoiceConnect. Designed to improve internal business practices and streamline the way in which they make and receive calls, our business phone service boasts a range of beneficial features, including number porting. With this, you can rest assured knowing your clients and customers always know where to reach you. Take a moment to learn more about the advantages of this feature and how changing your number can affect the success of your business.

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Retaining Your Number is a Must

As mentioned, changing your business's phone number when switching service providers may seem simple, but it can actually have a strong impact on existing and even potential clients and customers. As we alluded to previously, existing clients are required to find your business's new number once changed, leaving them to potentially look elsewhere for similar products or services.

Similarly, potential clients could also experience this issue. Because business contact information is often spread across varying directories online (and even phone books), any potential client or customer could find the previous number before a listing is updated and fail to reach your business. Of course, you can avoid any of these issues by taking advantage of our VoiceConnect service and accompanying number porting feature.

Number Porting: Key Considerations

Of course, there are a number of factors to consider when porting your business phone number. For one, the process can often take weeks, so you may be set up with a temporary number before retaining the current one. This, however, is a minimal issue considering the benefits of keeping the same number. Plus, you'll need to ensure you've completely cancelled services with your previous provider. Aside from these considerations, keep in mind the following:

  • If you're terminating your contract with a previous provider, beware of any cancellation or related fees.
  • You'll need to confirm porting with us before cancelling with your current provider (porting can only be done with active numbers).
  • In some cases, porting is always feasible, say, if you are relocating to another area.

Despite the considerations mentioned above, number porting can be quite beneficial to your business, allowing customers to stay in contact as you switch to a streamlined phone service, such as DYL.

Switch Today Without Changing Your Number

If you'd like to update your business's current phone service, do so with DYL where you can easily retain your number and remain available to existing and future clients. In doing so, you'll reap the benefits of the numerous features offered with VoiceConnect to ultimately better your business.

If you're interested in getting setup with DYL, you can contact our sales team today at 855.357.9249 or email sales@dyl.com. If you have any questions or comments about our services and software, please give us a call at 888.310.4474 to get in touch with our support staff.