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A platform that works quickly to improve your productivity. Quickly switch, transfer, or move calls to anyone in your company.
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How Drag and Drop Call Works

Let’s be honest, it’s difficult to work in customer service.

You need to perform every step with extreme care to ensure clients leave happy.

But if you spend too much time trying to complete all customer requests, it could cost you money.

That’s why it’s important your phone platform is fast and effortless.
DYL Advanced Workflows
  • 1. Boost Your Efficiency with Drag and Drop Operations

  • 2. Perform Multiple Tasks In Seconds

  • 3. Beating Records at Every Step

  • 4. Additional Features
With DYL’s Drag and Drop Call, your reps grab a call they’re currently on and drag it onto another user.

It works best when your client’s request to speak with someone else in your company.

Want to transfer to a manager?

Easy, drag and drop.

A salesperson?

No problem, takes less than a second.

Improve customer service team’s productivity in a simple step.
DYL Workflows Dashboard DYL Workflows Dashboard

Boost Your Efficiency with Drag and Drop Operations

Your employees might experience poor productivity.


Because you’re using the wrong tools.

With over 25% of businesses using the wrong tools for various jobs, they’re losing hours of productivity.

It’s like expecting a fire extinguisher to start a fire.

It’s impossible.

That’s why it’s vital to ensure your teams are quick and fast with their solutions.

With DYL’s platform, you ensure your sales, marketing, and customer service are ready for what’s next.

Who needs DYL? Business owners who want to improve their productivity and save on costs.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Perform Multiple Tasks In Seconds

The Drag and Drop Call feature lets you transfer calls in less than a second.

Perfect for routing customers to the correct department.

If a customer requests sales, your team can immediately grab the call and drag it to the “Sales” department.

Then Sales will hear their phone ring and can answer the call.

If you want to perform a warm transfer, you can use DYL’s internal chat to let coworkers know what’s needed from the customers.

In short, Drag and Drop helps your team perform transfers faster and improve internal communication.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Beating Records at Every Step

As the owner of The Tallest Things, Richard Park wanted to improve their phone systems.

For years, Richard was selling Tree Cutting services from Florida up to Pennsylvania. With over 250 different locations across the Eastern Coast, he had a lot to manage.

But he noticed something odd. Their incoming calls dropped. From over 300 calls received a day, they dwindled down to 30. What was going on?

He thought about it and realized he wanted to spend a few days with his customer service team to see what was happening. So, he took a day off and spent it on their business phone.

The problem was, it was completely outdated. The phones didn’t connect properly, they couldn’t transfer incoming calls to anyone else, and customers decided it wasn’t worth their time to call in.

So, he needed a change.

After some research, he found DYL’s all-in-one platform.

DYL came with a Drag and Drop Call function, where his team could transfer incoming calls within a second. Gone were the days of telling the customers they had to call a different number. It was instant.

Along with the Analytic Call Tracking function, he could get an overview of how customer service teams performed and what they needed to change next.

Since switching to DYL, The Tallest Things improved calls received by 800%. They’re now receiving 2400 calls a day, 6 months after switching to DYL.

DYL’s All-in-One Platform includes over 80 Customizable Features

See if DYL is for you.