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While it might seem old fashioned in our modern, digital world, extension numbers are still useful for many businesses. This is especially notable if your company has multiple departments and employees. Better yet, dial extension numbers can make client or customer communications much easier.

With DYL's revolutionary software, you gain the ability to have customers dial extension numbers and reach the correct person or department they need. Better yet, this feature is only enhanced when coupled with other tools and resources that are included in our software.

Before you sign up for try a free demo of our software, let us fill you in on the benefits of extension numbers and how this feature can work hand in hand with other features included in our software.

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Benefits of Dialing Extension Numbers

Companies both large and small can benefit from having customers dial extension numbers to reach the person or department they are looking for. Although, larger companies will obviously find more benefit in this feature.

For example, if a customer calls the wrong department all the employee has to do is transfer the call by dialing the correct extension number, eliminating all frustration for the customer. Additionally, if the caller reaches a receptionist, transferring the call is just as simple.

Another benefit of extension numbers is the sense of credibility they give customers. If an employee is important enough to have their own extension, customers will be happy to dial such to get in touch with your company.

Other DYL Features

While giving customers the ability to dial extension numbers has its advantages, it is only amplified when coupled with other tools and resources included in our business phone service software. Some of these additional features are:

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