Custom Call Tags

Business phone systems have come a long way in the past few decades. With new technology and software, you can gain beneficial features to help improve and streamline your business processes. Custom call tagging, for example, allows you to customize published numbers with unique tags to identify the origin of incoming calls.

In DYL's revolutionary business phone software, you are able to gain access to our VOIP Business Phone Service, Lead/Contact Management, and Virtual Office,. Custom call tagging is part of our Lead/Contact Management service and can present a number of advantages to your company. Before you try a free demo of our software, let us fill you in on custom call tagging and how it works with some of our other features.

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Custom Call Tagging

Having the ability to customize numbers with specialized tags can help alleviate a lot of headaches from your daily life. With this, you no longer have to wonder where the call is coming from and how important it is. You can simply read the call tag to determine if it is of the utmost importance and should be taken immediately, or if the call can be parked while you deal with other business matters.

The custom call tags you create are then stored in your DYL dashboard, so you can change or edit them as needed. This can also help you better determine which department to transfer the call too. If it is a call for customer support, your custom call tag will let you know so you can route the call to that department with ease, erasing any difficulty you might experience otherwise.

Additional VoiceConnect Features

While custom call tags are immensely beneficial, this feature is only improved when coupled with additional features found in our VoiceConnect service. For example, call parking is another feature found in our VoiceConnect service and allows you to park a call in a virtual space. This will give you the ability to find the answer to a question the caller might have quickly without having them on the line. You can also park a call and wait for the correct employee or department to answer it.

Some other additional features found in our VoiceConnect service are found below.

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