Customer History and Auto Notes

As your business grows and your sales pipeline expands, keeping up with each client or customer can become a difficult task. Having the ability to track customer history and apply auto notes can help ease the burden of this process, while also allowing for better lead nurturing.

Customer history and auto notes are one of the features included in DYL's Lead & Contact Management software. This is an integral part of any business and can help you track leads through each phase of the sales process.

Before you contact us for a free demo of our revolutionary software, let us fill you in on some of the benefits you can stand to gain from using DYL's Lead & Contact Management software.

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Benefits of Customer History & Auto Note

As you can imagine, especially for a growing business, there are a number of benefits you stand to gain from tracking customer history and having the ability to apply auto notes. Some of these benefits are detailed below for your convenience:

  • Track Customer History: By having access to each client's call history, you can then get a sense of what the client is looking for and how you can assist them. Without this, you would have to rely on sales notes, which aren't always accurate or detailed enough.
  • Detailed Information on Accounts: With auto notes, you are able to have detailed information about each client. This can help sales persons from second guessing the client's history, their needs, and how your company can help them accomplish their goals.
  • Streamline Sales Tracking: With detailed customer history and auto notes, you can streamline your sales process by eliminating steps like note taking and call tracking.

The DYL Solution

While customer history and auto notes can benefit businesses of various industries, the benefits are only improved when you add in the other features and tools included in Lead & Contact Management. Some of the other features you can benefit from are detailed below:

  • Customized Email Templates: With Lead & Contact Management from DYL, you are able to access a number of customizable email templates for a variety of campaigns.
  • Automatic Call Distribution: With this feature of Lead & Contact Management, you are able to assign leads to a specific individual or department.
  • Automatic Follow-up Calls: With DYL's automatic follow-up calls, you never have to worry about missing an appointment or scheduled call.

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