Chris Rhine

Chris Rhine

Christopher Rhine is a freelance writer with a Bachelors from San Francisco State University and Masters from LMU Munich. He writes on a variety of topics including content marketing and customer service. He also writes about film and media on his substack.

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Why Businesses Should Hire a Director of Customer Experience

Today, Customer service (CX) is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of business....

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How to Build a Successful Customer Experience Roadmap

According to Gartner, 82% of companies have generated a customer journey map but only 47% are...

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What is Customer Experience Automation and How Does It Work?

The customer experience should be the cornerstone of any company that sells goods and services....

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Top 16 Automated Sales Call Software for 2023

The phone call has become a disappearing form of communication ever since the adoption and...

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41 Important Sales Enablement Statistics for 2023

Sales enablement is the strategy of providing the sales reps with all the tools and ability...

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