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Marquette, Michigan is in the 906 area code. The area code covers 20 cities and surrounding communities.

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If you’re a business who wants to expand their network, Marquette is a great place to start. Whether you want to grow your sales, crafting new marketing campaigns, or access the regional economy, DYL ensures stronger relationships with clients and prospects. The 906 area code encompasses Isle Royale National Park and Mackinac Island. Sometimes called “Queen City,” locals know the city as the largest city in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Marquette and the surrounding cities have over 200,000 people living within the region. In contrast to the rest of Michigan, Marquette did not see a city foundation until the mid-19th century.

The 906 Area Code of Michigan has plenty of activities to offer, including visiting Presque Isle Park, hiking up Sugarloaf Mountain, or walking throughout Lakenenland Sculpture Park. Public schools and healthcare systems support many of the surrounding cities.

Most occupations within the area are health care workers and teachers. The largest employer in the area is Marquette Area Public Schools. The weather typically fluctuates between 40 to 95 Fahrenheit in the summer and 10 to 35 Fahrenheit in the wintertime.

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It wasn’t until 1844 when two pioneers discovered iron deposits near the Lake west of Marquette. During the time, they founded the settlement of Marquette, focusing heavily on iron mining. During the early 1850s, Marquette became the shipping center of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and the economy took off. Even today, Marquette is still a shipping port for many ores and ships about 10 million tons of iron ore a year through the regional port.

Marquette and surrounding communities have a 15% higher trust rate in local companies versus large corporations. The 906 area code has a big economy that the UP Health System-Marquette, Marquette Branch Prison, and Charter Communications have supported. In 2020, the average household size was 2.13 and the average family size was 3.1.

The city’s population peaked in the 1980s when the population hit 23,288. Many museums and lighthouses are along the local harbor such as the Marquette Maritime Museum and the Marquette Harbor Light.

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In 2021, the 906 Area code’s employment numbers total 120,000 people, with an unemployment rate of 5.9%. Food prices increased 5% from November 2020 to November 2021. The median household income was $43,977 for the year of 2019 with an average median home price of $215,000. The cost of living was 10.2% less than the national average, with a 3% job growth from 2020 to 2021.

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