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DYL’s all-in-one platform generates, nurtures, and converts your leads to paying clients. Discover how simple automation can be.
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Perfect for tracking sales effectiveness and departments within your organization

DYL automates outbound communication,
so you can make more sales with less work
Automatically call, text, and email your sales leads. Track your team’s performance and forecast revenue to drive higher profit at each step of your process.
Send texting campaigns with both SMS and MMS. Convert prospects with promotions, PDFs, pictures and more.
Instantly connect with leads as soon as they enter the DYL system. Generate, score, nurture, and convert leads with our lead automation.
Monitor and track staff in a real-time switchboard. DYL uses over-the-cloud technology that increases visibility over your entire organization.
Lead Routing
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Get the freedom you’ve always wanted

Generate new leads, earn higher revenue, and save money in productivity
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VoIP Phones

Be anywhere in the world. Instant access with just a computer and internet connection.

Automatic Call Distribution

Direct calls to another phone or department without human intervention.

Call Monitoring

Listen to live calls so you can hold employees accountable and ensure they're performing best.


Automatically call, text, and email audiences who were previously interested in your product.

Email Automation

Reuse email marketing templates to send thousands of emails to contacts in minutes.

Customer Software

Discover each action a lead has taken at every step of their customer journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DYL is a VoIP and Sales Automation platform that serves over 6,000 businesses across the United States. For over 13 years, we’ve improved the effectiveness of automation to increase ROI across several industries.
DYL has a proven track record of turning a mediocre business into one that is going above and beyond. Want to find out what people have to say about DYL? Check out our Case Studies.
DYL helps your teams by automatically scheduling calls, texts, emails, and faxes to go out at every step of a customer’s journey. Gone are the days of sending texts or emails one by one. Instead, DYL makes sure there’s no human error and communication is seamless.
DYL’s automation let’s you spend less money on tasks, saving over 14 hours a week in sales or admin work. Our low estimate brings that to be about 700 hours a year. Imagine what you could do with all that time!
We would be happy to help. You can either send us an email at sales@dyl.com or call us at (855) 357 - 9249.