Alex Vetter

Alex Vetter

Alex Vetter is the product marketing manager at DYL. With a Masters from College de Paris, he runs the marketing department and helps with product management at DYL.

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Best Practices for Training Call Center Agents in Lead Generation Techniques

Businesses of today are starting to see the need to generate leads. This is particularly important...

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PBX vs VoIP: What's the difference?

When you’re trying to choose the best communication system for your business, you might...

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How does VoIP fax work and why do you need it?

VoIP fax, or Voice Over Internet Protocol fax, is a modern adaptation of traditional faxing...

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Top VoIP Integrations for 2024

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has radically transformed the way businesses and individuals...

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VoIP Vs Sip: What's the best solution?

When we talk about modern communication technologies, two terms often surface: VoIP and SIP. ...

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