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Looking to expand your business in Sioux City, Iowa, and beyond? Look no further than DYL, your reliable partner for growth. With DYL, you'll gain immediate access to the thriving economy of this city, allowing you to establish strong, enduring connections with the local community. Sioux City, situated in western Iowa, offers more than just business opportunities. Known for its Midwestern charm and culture, this city is a perfect blend of scenic beauty and a thriving business environment.

With the scenic Missouri River running through it, Sioux City has stunning riverfront views and a wide range of outdoor activities. The city's rich culture is showcased by institutions like the Sioux City Art Center and the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. Sioux City is also home to hidden gems, including the awe-inspiring Stone State Park and the historic downtown district with its many arts offerings.

Sioux City, Iowa, offers a diverse range of activities for all interests. Outdoor lovers can explore the beauty of the area by hiking and biking along miles of beautiful trails in Stone State Park or enjoying water sports and boating on the Missouri River. The city's riverfront area is also full of recreational opportunities, including parks, picnic spots, and riverboat cruises. History lovers can delve into the city's past at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center or visit the Sergeant Floyd River Museum to learn about the city's role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Sioux City also is full of arts and culture, with the Sioux City Art Center showcasing local and national artists, and the Orpheum Theatre hosting a variety of live performances. Families can enjoy the LaunchPAD Children's Museum and the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, providing educational and interactive experiences. With its mix of outdoor adventures, cultural attractions, and family-friendly activities, Sioux City ensures there's always something for everyone.


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Sioux City, Iowa, has a thriving business environment with a diverse range of industries and important companies that play a big role in its economy. Some of the major companies and institutions in Sioux City include Tyson Foods, CF Industries, Seaboard Triumph Foods, and Morningside College. The city's economy is characterized by its focus on various sectors, including food processing, agriculture, manufacturing, education, and healthcare.

Sioux City's strategic location within the agricultural heartland of the United States has advanced its agricultural industry, producing crops like corn and soybeans, which not only sustain the local market but are also exported nationally and internationally. The Missouri River, which flows through the city, also supports the city’s thriving transportation and logistics sector, making Sioux City an important transportation hub in the region.

Sioux City, Iowa, has a rich history tied to its strategic location and economic development. The city’s history is marked by moments, like the beginning of the fur trading posts in the early 1800s along the Missouri River, which played a big role in the westward expansion of the United States. Sioux City's growth enhanced with the arrival of the railroad in the late 1800s, transforming it into a trade and transportation center.

During World War II, the city's gained more importance by the presence of the Sioux City Army Air Base, contributing significantly to the country’s war efforts. On February 16, 1857, Sioux City was officially incorporated as a city. Today, Sioux City continues to grow, drawing residents and visitors with its dynamic economy, diverse culture, and strong community.

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The 712 area code, of Sioux City, Iowa, has a thriving economy. The recent unemployment rate in the city is at 3.7%, indicative of a thriving job market. As of 2021, the median household income in Sioux City was $54,853, reflecting the city's strong economy. The city is home to approximately 82,000 residents, with diverse demographics.

Sioux City has more than 32,000 households, with an average of 2.5 people per household. The city offers a dynamic business community, with over 6,000 employer businesses operating in the area. The 712 area code of Sioux City, Iowa, reflect a thriving business environment, surrounding various industries and offering a promising future of growth and success.

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