Best Practices- Lead Activity Tool

With Ramsey Barnette, California Allstate Agent

Ramsey Barnette has been an Allstate Agent in California for just over a year and has gone from 489 signed contract packages to almost 800 utilizing DYL’s lead activity tool. Ramsey unequivocally believes there is "gold" in the lead activity tool. He works hard and believes if you respect your clients and earn their trust, they will be clients for life.

In this DYL exclusive webinar, Ramsey candidly discusses his success. Some of those things being:

• Working Allstate lead generator to efficiency

• Successfully build campaigns in autodialer

• Build a lucrative and accountable team

• Use note tool to frame calls

• Track efficiency and reliability of team

• Utilizing multiple platforms to increase success

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Ramsey began his agency using hard landline phones with only a CRM tool, which meant hoards of time spent on busywork. After DYL, automation led to a more simplified and cohesive business model. He teaches his team through call recording and easy to follow scripts that pop up automatically through DYL’s automation and pop up feature. The workflow feature allows for better tracking of lead progression and office staff productivity. If more freedom with higher revenue and client retention is your goal, Call DYL today at 855-357-9249 for your 1 on 1 demo!