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Business is a collaborative environment. From the point businesses are started, to the point they've grown to become major corporations, there is a lot of teamwork that goes toward the growth and success. It is important to have effective tools that make communication between your team seamless and easy. Luckily, there are many tools VoIP offer businesses that update phone systems.

DYL is focused on providing businesses with excellent communication tools that are integrated with the sales process. We understand the important role phones play in your business. That's why we provide an all in one system to streamline sales calls with better lead tracking. Here are some of the ways our web chat software makes communication for your team easier.

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Collaboration And Chat Features

VoIP provides a lot of extra features that aren't available on traditional phones. Your business gains more than the ability to make calls and can actually use a number of tools that benefit communication on every level. Our web chat software is aimed at providing a space for your team to share information and stay in contact.

Web chat features are great because it gives you the ability to create chatrooms with teammates or individual people. This can be used over a PC or phone but gives you more power than texting. For example, bigger files can be shared using our chat so your team members can easily cooperate on tasks.

It is important to keep your team in the loop and these tools allow you to do so even if you or they are out of the office. You can easily get in contact and know the progress of any project. Meanwhile, any questions can quickly be answered without any effort because your team is always available. This tools gives your office more flexibility and control over projects.

Integrated Sales Tools

Our phones go beyond communication and combine valuable sales processes to keep leads organized. It is important to stay in contact with potential leads. Our phone systems make it easy to schedule follow-ups, and keep you dialing leads effortlessly. With our software, you can automatically stay in contact and keep your products and services top of mind.

We give your business all the tools you need to effectively communicate with future and existing clients. You have a lot of options with your phone system so you can handle any form of communication. You also never have to lose track of a lead because the system automates your process to better handle lead nurture.

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