Voicemail Prompts

When somebody calls and nobody is around to answer, voicemail is available to take a message for you. Voicemail is powerful for businesses because it allows them to get important information from a caller that wasn't able to get a hold of them. Voicemail prompts allow you to give directions to callers that will help you in communicating with them in the future.

With DYL, your business gets a complete phone system that is integrated with the sales process. We give your business the best tools to keep track of leads and stay in contact with potential buyers. It is important to keep the conversation going with leads. Our services are aimed at improving your sales. Here is how voicemail prompts keep you connected.

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What Are Voicemail Prompts?

A voicemail prompt is used to respond to a person who was not able to reach you. This prompt will ask them for information such as name and number so you can give them a call back. It is best to find out why they were calling so you know what to speak to them about when you return their call.

A voicemail prompt can either be recorded by a 3rd party, or your business can handle the prompt on its own. It is important to have a message that is clear and concise. Listeners will be able to leave a message with the information needed to have an effective call back. Voicemails allow you to capture any missed calls and turn them into opportunities.

Effective Sales With DYL

If your business uses DYL, it is equipped with more tools to control the sales process and give your business more growth through calls. Our phone systems are closely integrated with the sales process because the two play an important role. Communicating with leads is a big part of sales, our phone systems combine those behaviors.

The combination of phones and sales puts our phone systems ahead of the curve. Sales will be able to save time on dialing their leads with an automated system that handles that process for them. Meanwhile, the software also puts leads in the right places once you've spoken with them. They can either be called later if the call was missed, or they can be entered into a scheduling system for appointments.

It is important to keep track of appointments and follow up with leads. Staying on their mind will increase the chance that they become a paying customer. They will also appreciate your ability to stay on top of scheduling. The impression your business makes over the phone is important because it shows customers that they can trust your products and services.

Get More Sales With DYL

As mentioned above, we offer businesses an all-in-one phone system that combines important sales tools. You can effectively manage your leads while staying in contact with potential clients. Managing leads is important and we understand the tools that businesses need to close more deals. We can start you off with a demo by clicking here, or you can call us at 855.357.9249!