Phone Extensions

Transferring a call doesn't need to be complicated. If your business is struggling with callers and trying to get them to the appropriate party, it's time to look into a phone system that gives you more control. Phone extension dialing allows you to direct callers to the person they are trying to communicate with.

DYL combines phone systems with sales automation tools that improve the efficiency of sales teams. Your salespeople can spend more time communicating with their leads and less time managing appointments. Here is a look at phone extensions, one of the features available on our system.

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User Phone Extensions

With our phone system, your employees can have their own phone extension that will quickly connect dials to their phone. Each extension can be assigned to a specific sales rep or another employee. When customers call in, they can simply name the person they'd like to speak to and get connected with them immediately.

Benefits of Dial Extension Feature

The benefits go beyond customer interaction. Efficiency within the company will greatly improve. Phone extensions give your staff the ability to call other employees, transfer calls faster, and act like one location. Employees can pick up the phone, dial a few keys and instantly connect to each other.

If your business has employees that work in different locations, it'll still appear like they are in the same location. Whether they are home, in different stores/offices, or even different countries, it'll be as if they are a single entity. The phone extensions allow you to dial an extension that will instantly connect you with somebody no matter where they are.

Improve Communication With DYL

As a business, phone extensions are key to communication. DYL can provide you with a phone system that can handle any scenario. If you'd like to request a demo, you can contact us here or give us a call at 855-357-9249!