Switch Between Active Calls

For many businesses, it is essential to be able to switch between multiple active calls. While this might seem simple, it is usually more complex than you might initially imagine. Having the ability to bounce back and forth between active calls can be advantageous for a number of reasons, and being able to do so with ease is all the more important.

With DYL, switching between active calls is as easy as the push of a button. We understand how busy running a business can be, and because of this, our revolutionary software is meant to streamline your business processes and make your job easier. Before you try a free demo of our software, let us share some of the benefits of being able to switch between active calls quickly.

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Benefits of Switching Between Active Calls

In some cases, it is essential to have the ability to switch back and forth between multiple active calls, whether they be customer support, sales, or any other type of business call. If you have a small staff in comparison to the number of incoming calls, it can be beneficial to have the ability to bounce between active calls on short notice.

Additionally, there are instances in which a client or customer will ask a question that will require knowledge you don't have. With active call switching, you can switch over to the person who might know the answer and return to your original call faster than ever. Of course, when coupled with other tools included in our software, active call switching can be even more useful.

Additional DYL Features

While active call switching is beneficial, it can be even more so when coupled with some of the other tools and resources found in our software. For example, many businesses could use a receptionist, but either don't have the money or the space to hire one. With DYL's software, however, you get access to a virtual receptionist to greet callers and route calls to the correct department or employee.

Another useful feature is call parking. With this, you are able to put the call on hold and virtually park it so another employee can answer it when ready. Combine this with active call transfer, and you are able to handle a higher volume of calls compared to usual.

Along the same lines, our software allows you to access caller analytics to help manage and track sales, leads, and company revenue. This is an immensely important piece of our software and it only becomes more useful with our other features.

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