Lead Notifications

Leads can be difficult to close without proper follow up and appointments. If you have a large amount of leads, tracking all of your appointments can be a daunting task, especially if you collect leads from multiple sources. The more appointments you have to track, the harder it can be to make each one, and a missed lead could cost your business a lot of potential revenue.

Luckily, lead notifications are part of the Lead & Contact Management portion of DYL's software. This revolutionary software makes tracking lead appointments easy, so you never miss a lead appointment again. Of course, lead notifications are only one aspect of our software.

Before you sign up for our software, or try our free demo, let us fill you in on the importance of lead notifications and the other helpful tools and resources included in Lead & Contact Management.

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The Importance of Lead Notifications

Regardless of how your company collects leads, they do not last forever and in many cases will require a follow-up call before they are ready to close the deal. If you collect a high volume of leads, tracking all of your appointments can be difficult, especially if they require a follow-up call. This is where DYL's lead notification comes in.

Much like our appointment reminders, once a lead appointment has been made, our software will send you an email alert to remind you. Missed lead appointments can cost your business a potential sale, and in turn, revenue to help further grow your company. With this, you can be sure to never miss a lead appointment again!

Other Lead & Contact Management Tools

While lead notifications are essential and can help any business collect and communicate with their leads, this tool is only enhanced when used alongside other tools offered in the Lead & Contact Management Software portion of our software. In fact, DYL Lead & Contact Management comes with a plethora of helpful tools and resources that can help streamline your lead and sales processes. Some of these tools and resources are:

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