Cisco Integration

Maximize the effectiveness of your Cisco IP phone system with DYL Business Phone Services. With features like group texting from any device, drag and drop calls to ease heavy load capacity and unlimited call recording, DYL offers comprehensive business solutions. Your company will enjoy a more streamlined and efficient business infrastructure while maintaining vital customer relationships.

Let's discuss some of the benefits you can expect to see when using DYL integration for better business management.

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Benefits of Using DYL Integration

Do you realize the sheer amount of time and money your business wastes on meaningless tasks that could be automated for utmost efficiency? Well, no more. DYL now automatically populate your callers customer records before ever speaking to a rep. In addition to freeing up vital time, here are some of the key benefits you can expect when partnering with DYL:

  • Efficiency: Our “screen pop” feature will automatically populate your callers existing customer record, disposing of the need to spend crucial time searching for their account. This feature alone will save your customer service reps dozens of hours of being mired down by busy work.
  • Priorities: Doing away with these needless distractions will save dozens of hours per week; time that could be used to build your business.
  • Improved Customer Relations: Having your customer records in front of you, with the ability to recall account details and address a client by name will add that personal touch and ensure customer retention.
  • Improved Morale: Better tools mean increased productivity, motivation and improved employee morale.

Top Services for Cisco Users

We offer a complete suite of features as part of our DYL Business Phone Service. Here are our most popular features:

  • Screen Pop- Automatically load your callers customer records, freeing you to personally greet the caller and quickly navigate any concerns.
  • Unlimited Call Recording- Each phone plan we offer includes unlimited call recording and tracking.
  • Note Option- This feature allows customers to post a note to a lead manager, which will automatically populate in the client's record. No more missed messages or crossed wires.
  • Virtual Office- This real time switch board will increase visibility on all active calls within the company. Drop and drag transfer will ease heavy load capacity and redirect calls to their proper destinations.
  • Text Messaging- This built in text messaging feature gives reps the ability to send texts, photos or PDF directly from a desktop using your business phone number. The options are endless!

And the list goes on and on! Once you've tried DYL, you'll never look back. Call our sales specialists today at 855.357.9249.

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Seamlessly merge your existing Cisco IP phone system with DYL's business VOIP with VoiceConnect technology. Time is money and, with DYL, you will maximize time and increase revenue. Access customer files and work anywhere there is an internet connection; no need to be chained to your office. If maximizing the efficiency of your business and increasing revenue is your goal, call today at 855.357.9249 for more information from our dedicated sales specialists or click here to schedule a demo.