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Lead Management

Manage your leads and automate sales and marketing processes.

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Pipeline Reports

Gain insight into how many leads convert and how customers feel.

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Management Reports

Manage team expectations and understand KPIs.

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Customer Tracking

Follow the process from when someone joins til they convert.

How the DYL CRM Works

Our customer relationship management tool lets you understand the entire customer journey. From the moment a lead comes in, all the way to close.
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Lead Generation with DYL

Integrate your form or lead generation system to DYL. The moment you receive a lead, it’ll populate in the platform.

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Lead Enters System

Sales staff are immediately notified the moment a lead or prospect enters your system.

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Automate Communication

Your team can automate calls, texts, emails, faxes, and more weeks to months in advance.

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Close the Sale

The moment your team is ready, DYL will automatically send an email and any attachments regarding the new sale.

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Delight Your Customers

Your team can automate calls, texts, emails, faxes, and more weeks to months in advance.

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Grow your business with less stress

Automate your company from anywhere in the world. Try our top-rated CRM with several industry integrations!
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Connect with more customers without additional staff.

Our platform lets you manage your staff and output more productivity across your business. Bottom line: more money in your pocket with less spent.
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“DYL is one of the best leaders in automation and relationship management technology.”
Janine Wetherell
Chief Operating Officer

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