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DYL's All-in-one Phone & Sales CRM platform is Integrated with Vertafore AMS360
& QQCatalyst

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Imagine your phone system seamlessly connected to your AMS360 or QQ Catalyst accounts, bringing a higher level of efficiency to both your sales & service teams.

What you get:

• "Screen pop" feature automatically populates your caller's customer records

• Sync call recordings and voicemails with customer records

• Automatically update your notes and call history

Let DYL handle the busy work so your agents can focus on what they do best, selling.

DYL + Vertafore = The Perfect Match

What if your phone system synced perfectly with your CRM? DYL automatically updates your phone data with your Vertafore records, saving you hours of busywork and helping you write more policies.

QQ Catalyst & DYL Integration

Automatically Load Customer Records

With DYL, you don't need to keep customers on hold when looking up their Vertafore record. Our system automatically populates customer information the moment they call in.

Sync Call Recordings and Voicemails

DYL updates and records every call and voicemail directly into Vertafore. Great for training staff, handling E&O claims, and staying organized.

Sync Notes

Notes written in DYL will sync with your Vertafore contact's record.

Over 10,000 Customers Trust DYL

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