• How Lead Nurturing Software Can Help Improve Sales

    DYL Lead Nurturing Software keeps you connected with your leads and improves conversion rates. Learn how to grow your sales with our ContactConnect Service.

    DYL offers services that are designed to streamline business processes and convert more leads into sales. Continue Reading...

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  • How Click to Call Technology Can Benefit Your Business

    Click to Call Technology connects potential leads with your business instantly. See how DYL boosts conversions for businesses using their service.

    DYL offers services that are designed to streamline business processes and convert more leads into sales. Continue Reading...

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  • Secrets Of Top Allstate Agents

    Secrets Of Top Allstate Agents

    We’re sharing the best tips from some of the country’s top Allstate agents on how they run their agencies. Continue Reading...

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  • Don't Lose Track Of Your Leads In 2017!

    Missed connections with your leads this past year? Perhaps one final appointment could have turned a hot lead into a sale - if only that last appointment reminder wasn't lost amidst a sea of notes.

    You don't ever have to worry about your leads slipping through the cracks in 2017 with DYL's Automatic Callbacks feature Continue Reading...

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  • Automation vs. Motivation

    Any expert in behavioral change will tell you that willpower is a limited resource.

    Are you relying on your salespeople to be fired up, just to do the most basic parts of their job? Do they run out of steam later in the day? If so, then you're suffering what DYL calls Motivation Stagnation. Continue Reading...

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  • The Story Of DYL: A Conversation With Co-founder Matt Vandervort

    We sat down with company co-founder and VP of Sales, Matt Vandervort, for a little history lesson.

    From DYL's humble beginnings in an Ohio basement to a multi-million dollar powerhouse that is changing the world of phone sales. Completely bootstrapped from the beginning, the company was started with only $60. Matt and Mike began Continue Reading...

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  • How DYL Makes Phone Sales Better

    DYL started with a simple question. How can we make phone sales better?

    After years of development, the DYL all-in-one phone sales system emerged. By combining reliable VOIP phone service with full sales automation, DYL has become the preferred solution for top phone sales teams across the country. Continue Reading...

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  • Be More Productive In Sales With These Smart Techniques

    It's already 1:30 pm and all you've really done today is to talk to a few sort of cold prospects, and read a bunch of email.

    Of course you want to make the most of every day - that's how you can become a highly successful sales person. Continue Reading...

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  • Are You Keeping Your Customers Happy...Enough?

    Dan owns a one-man insurance sales business and he’s doing pretty well. He brings in about $700k/year and takes home a respectable amount of money.

    That went on for a few years but he realized one day that he needed to grow the business and make it more profitable so he could provide a better life for his family. Continue Reading...

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  • [Case Study] How to boost your lead performance by 200%

    Recently, Jason Passarell of Allstate Insurance sat down with us and shared how he DOUBLED his internet lead conversion using DYL.

    Even more impressive is that Jason wrote over $745,000 of new business in a year using internet leads with DYL. Continue Reading...

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  • 7 Unexpected Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

    It's hard to keep everyone on your team highly motivated at all times. But it's critical to business success.

    A motivated team means better morale, lower staff turnover, and higher sales. We've put together a list of unexpected ways to motivate your sales team. Continue Reading...

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  • Salvage a Bad Sales Call With a Simple Question

    It might sound crazy, but sometimes a prospect has a legitimate reason to say no to your pitch.

    We've all been there and it sucks! Of course if they really have solid reasons, they’re not an ideal fit and you should respect their decision. Continue Reading...

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  • There is No Tomorrow

    As the leader of a sales team, I've heard every objection imaginable from people who can't pull the trigger. The most interesting objection is when the customer WANTS to move forward, but can't commit to a deadline.

    "It's not the right time." "I love it, but I just need to figure some things out." Continue Reading...

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  • Internet Leads Are Junk, Huh? That's What Everyone Says.

    Well, better not tell that to Jack Hoedeman. In 4 years, Jack has built Compass Insurance Agency into a $10 million book of business. And guess what he uses? That’s right, Internet leads.

    In this exclusive clip with DYL, Jack shares some of his secrets to maximizing profits from internet leads. Continue Reading...

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  • Discover Your Inner Jung to Improve Sales

    People’s purchasing decisions are almost never rational. There’s a host of psychological factors that come into play and - surprise, surprise - sometimes those factors are weird.

    We think why people say no is as important to understand as why people say yes. Continue Reading...

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  • Seven Ways Listening Will Boost Your Phone Sales

    Listening is truly an art. To do it well, focus on what's being said instead of constantly thinking about what you want to say next or what you think of the speaker.

    Taking the time to listen well is a core component of any successful relationship because it shows how much you value the person you're listening to. Continue Reading...

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  • Is Your Sales Team ULTRA HARD™?

    It's time for some tough love. Your salespeople are soft. I know, it might be tough to hear but to be honest, is your sales team carved out of solid granite?

    Are they pushing through deals with diamond-like hardness? Or, more likely, are they like a bowl of fluffy, gooey marshmallow pudding? We both know the answer. Continue Reading...

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  • Picture Messaging: A Business Text Message Never Looked So Good

    We are excited to announce the roll out of our brand new MMS messaging feature onto our platform that will advance the way in which our customers can execute their direct marketing approach that surpasses basic SMS messaging yet still remains simplistic and efficient.

    With MMS messaging our customers now have the ability to send text messages from their business telephone number instead of giving out personal cell phone numbers. Continue Reading...

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  • What Is DYL, Part III: Something for Everyone

    It's not just sales professionals who benefit from the automated system.

    Part III of DYL's history reveals one more dynamic element in the system and then looks at what the future holds. Continue Reading...

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  • Why Most Sales Professionals Are Fed Up with CRMs

    In the rapidly changing world of technology, its time owners reevaluate their software.

    Archaic systems are not only infuriating reps, they're costing companies money as well as supplying them with disgruntled employees. Continue Reading...

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  • What is DYL, Part II: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

    Why bother paying for an endless amount of leads if you have no way to manage them.

    For Part II of our series on DYL's beginnings, we take a look at the software that allows reps to increase sales revenues by 40 percent. Continue Reading...

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  • Double Contact Rates to Increase Sales [Case Study]

    Houston Insurance Agency Tallies 22,000 Calls Per Month.

    Shortly after opening an insurance agency just outside of Houston, Texas, Matthew Golden and his team called on DYL to help his office double its call volume in order to meet – and exceed! – lofty new goals. Continue Reading...

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  • Benefits Of Using VoIP Phone Systems For Your Business

    Why is it so important to integrate a VoIP Phone System with your Sales CRM?

    The beginning of a new year is a great time to take a second look at all your business costs, and business phone systems should be high on the list. Continue Reading...

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  • Internet Leads: If You're Not First, You're Last [Infographic]

    Raise your hand if you enjoy being in first place.

    First position tends to be the coveted spot in terms of inside sales. Let's face it, Earning commission on every deal closed tends to make sales professionals highly competitive, striving to be first in everything we do. Continue Reading...

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  • Selling to Millennials: Reaching the 25%

    “Marketers that can engage and involve Millennials in their brand, tailor targeted messages and add value through the use of technology resonate with this generation.”

    In order to engage with Millennials to gain their attention, loyalty... Continue Reading...

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  • Why Text Messaging is Important for Your Business

    Is your business digital transformation ready?

    Once considered the "second screen," smartphones and tablets now earn the bulk our focus, positioning our once-beloved televisions as the new second screen. Continue Reading...

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  • Sales Automation Made Simple

    Just imagine what you could do with 33 extra days in the year.

    How much of your day is spent toggling between different systems for managing leads - including dialing, texting, emailing to follow up, and managing inbound calls/responses to ultimately close the loop and complete a sale? Continue Reading...

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  • The Secret to Increasing Your Contact Rate by 35%

    In the age of mobile technology, it pays to know what works.

    Between phone calls, voice mails,  emails and SMS (text messaging), there are so many ways to reach or miss a lead. Our customers are busy people and there isn’t one simple solution for how to contact them the first time -- every time... Continue Reading...

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