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Turbo Charge Your Calls

Reach over 100 leads per hour with DYL Campaign Dialer

Be The First In Line

Connect to your leads in real-time with QuickDial™

Business Phone Systems

Cloud-based VoIP phone service with DYL Voice
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DYL Voice

VoIP phone service for business. Inbound calls from customers are extremely valuable! Get our VoIP phone service that is highly reliable and designed for business of all kinds. DYL Voice lets you easily track and manage every call your business makes or recieves.


Campaign Dialer

Need to call a list of your contacts for marketing or follow-up? DYL Campaign Dialer is a dialing solution that lets you get up and dialing quickly! Simply upload CSV or Excel files that contain names and phone numbers, then just click: “Start Dialing” to be connected to your list.


Lead Manager

Track both your leads and your sales. DYL provides everything you need to build your sales pipeline. You can manage your leads from any lead vendor or web form. In addition, gain access to sales automation tools for your follow-up and email marketing.



Instantly get in touch through our lead responder that will put you in first place on the phone to speak with every lead. You can talk to customers immediately right after they click the “Submit” button on the online lead form.


Auto Follow-Up

Automate your follow-up process with Automatic Call-Backs and Email Drip. Keeping in touch with prospects is just as important as the very first call. DYL ensures that every lead is followed up with properly and efficiently.


Sales Leads

Get high quality insurance leads directly from DYL. Unlike other lead providers, we provide free filters on every lead type. We use the feedback from our vast agent network to optimize and maximize your results.


DYL Advantages


Maximize Your Efficiency
Maximize Your Sales

Be The First To Contact Every Lead

DYL lets you reach out to fresh leads in less than three seconds. Putting you first in line to reach the client and close a sale.

Reach Your Customers

DYL keeps track of every call into your office so customers will never slip through the cracks.

Automate Your Sales Pipeline

DYL includes sales automation tools that enable you to easily follow up with customers both by email and by phone.
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leads-blog-head1Fuel Up -   We track all of your leads with an objective and reputable third party known as LeadID. DYL stands out far beyond our competitors because we provide fast, real, and verified leads in order to connect you with your future clients faster than all of your competition. Additionally, our agents are here for you in […]

carsBe First in Line - In today’s competitive landscape, connecting with your potential clients is all about timing. The bottom line is, the longer it takes to make contact, you are more likely to lose out to your competitors. Almost all internet leads are shared, therefor it is essential that you are always the first in line to make contact […]

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"DYL is superior to what’s on the market
today. Now almost everything is automated and
managed from a single source: DYL. I can not imagine
running my agency without DYL."