Virtual Call Center

Getting more business is a lot easier than you may think.

DYL offers call center solutions to help your sales and service teams to contact clients/prospects every day with phones that dial themselves. With our preview calling system, each rep can make over 100 calls per hour.

With DYL's Virtual Call Center, your business will be able to achieve the fullest potential of your sales and service teams by enabling them to call with lightning speed.

The benefits that you will receive with our Virtual Call Center:

Upload Leads From Any Source

Upload any Excel or CSV file

Upload real time leads already in your account

DYL can dial any lead with a phone number

Create unlimited custom fields for automatic import

Upload leads from any source in less than 5 clicks

Call Tracking

Track and record every call, automatically

Listen to calls online or download them

Create a call library for training purposes

Inbound call history to quickly see every call coming to your business

Provides the ultimate accountability

Multi‐User Call Center

Streamline the process of working leads

Each rep gets their own DYL account

Automatically assign leads to specific employees

Control how leads and calls are managed and distributed

Automatic Dialing

Make over 100 calls per hour per rep

Make outbound calls to your list without ever hanging up the phone

Automated call center tools do the dialing for you

Guaranteed TCPA Compliance

Automatically filter wireless numbers

Federal DNC and Wireless Phone Number Scrubbing is built‐in

Stay up to date and fully, legally compliant with TCPA