Sales Forecasting Software

For many businesses, having the ability to track and accurately forecast each lead in your sales pipeline can alleviate headaches and streamline the sales process. This is one of the most advantageous features included in DYL's software and its use is only amplified when coupled with some of our additional features.

As part of our Lead & Contact Management portion of DYL's software, our sales forecasting software is meant to help streamline the reporting and analytic portion of the sales process. Before you request a free demo of our software, let us fill you in on the benefits of our sales forecasting software and how you can benefit from some of the other features offered in our software.

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Benefits of Sales Forecasting Software

In short, there are a plethora of benefits your company can stand to gain from a sales forecasting software. DYL's sales forecasting software is a step above the competition, however, because you are able to access additional features to gain even more advantages.

  • Accurate Planning: Having the ability to accurately forecast each lead in your pipeline can allow you to plan more efficiently. If a lead is unlikely to close in the near future, you can then devote more resources to leads that are likely to close sooner.
  • Time Savings: Along the same lines as accurate planning, leads that are likely to close soon can be given more time by the sales person.
  • Improved Analytics: Additionally, DYL's sales forecasting software will help improve your analytic tracking and internal report building. This can benefit your business in the future by giving you a real-time view of each lead in your sales pipeline.

The DYL Solution

With DYL's business phone service and lead management solutions software, you are able to gain access to more features than simply sales forecasting. In fact, the Lead & Contact Management portion of our software includes a variety of tools and features that can further benefit your company.

  • Lead Distribution System: With the lead distribution system feature of our Lead & Contact Management software, you no longer have to worry about which sales person gets the latest lead. This will efficiently distribute leads with queue-based routing.
  • Lead Nurturing:In order to get the most out of every lead in your pipeline, you will need to nurture each lead and develop personal relationships with each potential client, regardless of the stage in the sales process they are at.
  • Email Autoresponder: With our email autoresponder, you are able to send automated response emails to leads as they come through your queue. You can even use our email templates to ensure the auto-response is tailor-made for each client's needs.

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