Personalize Your Business Phone Greeting

When a customer calls your business, how you greet them has a huge effect on how they feel about your company. For example, letting them ring to voicemail will often leave a negative impression. With an automated greeting ready to direct their call, they will quickly be forwarded to some answers. Your business needs the ability to personalize greetings.

DYL provides phone systems that are closely integrated with sales automation tools. These tools allow your sales team to focus on communicating with leads rather than managing them. Our phones allow your business to customize your greetings and improve customer experience. Here is a look at how you can customize your phone greetings.

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Personalize Your Greeting

With an automated phone greeting, your customers will be able to follow steps that take them to their desired location. These greetings can be personalized to each business. If you have a support center and a sales team, the greeting could direct the caller in either direction. Your greeting should be able to help your customer and allow them to reach an agent with minimal hold times.

Edit Your Voicemail Greetings

There are times when voicemail is completely necessary. If you are out of your office and somebody has tried to reach your personal line, it is important to provide them an option to leave a voicemail. This allows them to leave you a message so you are able to respond directly. Depending on your situation, you can provide a personalized greeting.

Typically, it is best to include your name and company name so callers know they have reached the right place. Then you can personalize the recording depending on the day.

If it is a normal day and you just stepped out for lunch, you can have a greeting such as, “I am not available, if you could leave your name, number, and reason for calling, I'll gladly get back to you.” If you are on vacation, it would benefit callers to be directed to somebody who could answer questions in your stead.

Take Advantage Of DYL Business Phones

No matter what your needs, DYL provides the best features available in phones. With our plans, you can personalize your phone greetings to better meet your customer's needs. If you'd like to request a demo, you can contact us here or give us a call at 855-357-9249!