Lead Distribution System

Leads are key to growing revenue. The more leads your business has, the more opportunities it has to make a sale. If your sales team is focused on calling leads, managing leads can take away from their ability to call. Businesses can take advantage of lead distribution systems to automate lead routing and effectively distribute leads to their sales team.

DYL integrates phone systems with sales software to give businesses a holistic sales tool. A Lead Distribution System is included with the Lead & Contact Management package. This system handles lead management and streamlines the sales process. Before you request a demo, allow our professionals to fill you in on the benefits of lead distribution systems and the features offered with the software.

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Benefits of Lead Routing and Distributing Leads

As mentioned above, lead management often takes time away from sales people and in turn, they make less calls. With a lead distribution system in place, your sales team spends less time managing the leads and more time making sales. Meanwhile, the best leads are prioritized to give your sales team the best opportunities.

Effective lead distribution will also keep your sales team happy. Because the best leads are prioritized, your sales team doesn't have to deal with weak leads so often. They can also be evenly distributed to make sure each salesperson has a fair number of leads. Our system can also schedule any follow up calls with potential leads to keep your sales team in contact with their opportunity.

Queue-Based Routing

Leads are distributed by queue. Each salesperson is assigned to a queue and then contacted on a first come first-in, first-out basis. When a salesperson is done with a call, they receive a new lead that they can call immediately. As callers finish their calls, they can expect to have another lead in their queue.

This system effectively manages lead distribution and keeps your sales team busy. It also takes away the need to communicate who is calling which leads. Priorities can be set by management to keep sales from searching through leads to call. This system takes a lot of weight off of lead distribution and automates the process to streamline your sales team.

Lead & Contact Management Tools

DYL services go beyond routing leads. Our Lead & Contact Management services delivers a number of tools that will streamline your sales process. We understand the importance of keeping in contact with your potential leads. Keeping your products and services on the customer's mind will improve your chances at making the sale.

DYLt combines Lead Management & Tracking and Lead Nurturing & Follow-Up. These features will make sure your sales team is on top of every lead and never misses a follow-up appointment. On top of that, the sales team has access to text messaging and email services that can automate lead generation and follow-ups.

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