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While it may not seem like a tedious chore, typing a business's phone number into a phone can be annoying, especially with the click-to-call technology that is available today. With a click-to-call button on your site, your customers are a mere press of a button away from contacting you.

Click-to-call button technology is one of the tools offered in our Lead & Contact Management software from DYL. With this, your customers can get in touch with you quickly and easier to help improve your customer support or sales process. Better yet, you can utilize click-to-call technology alongside other tools in this software like automatic call routing and remarketing for an improved customer experience.

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What is Click-to-Call Button Technology?

Click-to-call button technology is a beneficial tool for any business in the digital age. With this, you are able to add a clickable button to your website that will direct to your phone when used on a mobile device. This allows customers to avoid having to type the phone number into their phone, streamlining the contact process and making it easier for your clients.

Lead & Contact Management from DYL

A click-to-call button can be added to a site relatively easy with our Lead & Contact Management Software software. This gives you access to a number of beneficial tools to help improve your business processes. While Click-to-call button technology is beneficial on its own,when used alongside our other tools, you will notice even greater benefits.

For example, with our call routing tools, customers can get in touch with the department or employee they need. This helps to avoid getting transferred through various departments trying to get a hold of the person needed. For businesses, this shows organization and a simplified process that customers love.

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