Automatic Follow Up Calls

The more leads your company receives, the better. However, it can be difficult to manage and keep track of these leads as the volume increases. Luckily, automatic follow up calls can make this easier to manage and keep track of your leads.

As part of the Lead & Contact Management portion of our innovative software, automatic follow up calls can help streamline your lead communication process, saving you time and money. Before you sign up for a free demo of our software, let us fill you in on how automatic follow up calls work and how they can help improve your business processes.

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How Automatic Follow Up Calls Work

DYL's software has made connecting your leads easier than ever before. Automatic follow up calling is simplified so all you have to do is sign into your account and click the “Start Dialing Lead” button. This will connect your phone to your DYL system, allowing you to dial your leads with a simple push of a button.

If the lead you are trying to reach is unavailable, the automatic follow up call feature is activated, and will schedule a future follow up call for you. So long as you are logged into your DYL account, you won't need to remember when the call is scheduled as your phone will automatically dial the number at the scheduled time.

DYL's Lead & Contact Management

Our software contains three separate parts: VOIP Phone Service, Virtual Call Center, and Lead/Contact Management. Automatic follow up calls is part of the Lead/Contact Management portion, which includes a number of additional tools and resources to help your business grow and improve. Some of these other tools are:

  • Text Messaging Services: DYL offers a number of text messaging services to help you connect with your leads. From group text messaging to scheduled text messages, the benefits of these tools are seemingly endless.
  • Email Marketing Software: In addition to text messaging, we also offer solutions for email marketing. With this, you can access customized email templates or even launch a drip email marketing campaign.
  • Lead Routing and Distribution: One of the biggest points of tension for businesses is lead distribution. Our software automatically assigns leads to each salesman, eliminating any quarrels over leads.

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