Lead Engine

Don’t leave your leads on hold.

Prospects will find you, don’t lose them on the line. Leads are more likely to convert when they’re speaking with an agent in under five minutes. Make sure you connect them to the right department. DYL sends callers to the appropriate lines, simplifying the process so potential customers don’t disconnect before your agents answer the call.

Lead Routing

Streamline which call goes where

No one likes being on hold, and they like speaking to the wrong agents less. So simplify your call distribution. Automatically send incoming leads to the right department, whether that department is a desk or even a state away.

DYL Lead Routing
DYL Android & iOS Mobile Applications

Lead Distribution

Coordinate your callers live

Sometimes automation isn’t enough and you need the perfect agent on the phone. Let your openers open and closers close. DYL enables you to easily connect with prospects on the line and in the moment to convert callers into customers.


Prioritize Leads

Throttle or ramp up leads in your queue

Distribute Prospects

Rotate lead dispersal between agents

Minimize Search

Lessen time searching for user information

Customize Responses

Change messages per client, campaign, source, etc.

Price Effectively

Bundle products and cut costs by up to 50%

Maximize Team

Rotate and realize your sales team live

DYL Advanced Workflows

I have been using DYL for nearly a year now. The system is one of the best I have ever seen. The web based tool is a breeze to use and the customer support is top notch.

- Jessie N, Insurance Agent

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