Solutions for Health Insurance Providers

Busy parents are hard to reach. DYL will help you get in touch.

Why Health Insurance Providers Choose DYL

As a health insurance provider, you have unique business challenges. Whether it's your internet department following up with leads or your floor staff comparing quotes‐your phones are always ringing. With DYL, you will be able to streamline all of your activity with our powerful sales software.

Picture This:

A new customer fills out a form on your website, requesting information. Your internet department instantly calls the lead and gets an appointment within seconds. That customer doesn't even bother to talk to any other agents, since you were so quick to contact them.

Your sales reps are able to create leads for every inbound and outbound call, complete with notes and unlimited call recordings. They'll never miss a lead again. Later, your sales team makes hundreds of outbound calls to warm prospects ‐ at triple the speed of dialing by hand. Call reluctance is a thing of the past. Customers that were on the fence are now hot prospects.

Imagine being able to text your customers from your business number. Whether it's a quote, an appointment reminder, or to wish your customer a happy birthday ‐ you can do it all. Your entire sales process is automated: From follow-up calls to emails to text messages, DYL is the ultimate phone solution for health insurance providers.


  • Turn internet leads

    into phone calls

  • Automatically follow up

    with prospects

  • Text your customers from

    your business number

  • Instantly respond to forms filled

    out on your website

  • Increase conversions

    by 300%

  • Email drip campaigns

    with your branding

  • Unlimited call recording

    and call tracking

  • Complete lead management



See how it all works:


This system keeps me organized and can multiply my daily efforts on prospecting and retention calls. Should have switched to this company a long time ago!

‐ Jason Passarell

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