The Story Of DYL: A Conversation with co-founder Matt Vandervort

We sat down with company co-founder and VP of Sales, Matt Vandervort, for a little history lesson. From DYL's humble beginnings in an Ohio basement to a multi-million dollar powerhouse that is changing the world of phone sales.

Back in 2008, Matt was the top sales rep at a lead generation company in Columbus, Ohio. A chance meeting with Mike Frager, the company's head software developer, would change both of their lives forever. They talked about a common complaint they heard from lead buyers: that they couldn't contact their leads quickly enough.

"We realized that if you are going to buy leads, you have to be the first to call that lead. Whoever reaches the lead first would usually be the one to get the sale. But, with no system to alert a sales team when a new lead came in, sometimes new leads would just sit in their emails and not get called. That's how many companies were losing business---their competitors were simply faster at dialing their leads. So, we saw that there was a need for a faster and more efficient way to contact and follow up with leads. That's when we came up with the idea of DYL," Matt said.

Getting Started

Since Mike and Matt had such a good understanding of the industry and knew exactly which problem to solve, they knew their idea would be a hit with lead buyers.

Completely bootstrapped from the beginning, the company was started with only $60. Matt and Mike began working on the company out of the basement of Matt’s home in Columbus, Ohio. Mike built all DYL technology completely from scratch. Putting his cold-calling skills to work, Matt started racking up sales.

"I was calling insurance companies asking if they want to buy a lead management/lead follow-up software. We were going after companies who were already buying leads. Most people we called were very excited about the concept. There was nothing like DYL at the time."

2 months after the launch of the company, James Angel joins DYL as a co-founder, focusing on business development. DYL soon outgrows Matt's basement and moves into an office in Worthington, Ohio.

Jumping To The Next Level

The first features of DYL included a lead manager with instant lead response technology. This SaaS solution was being to numerous insurance agents across the country.

DYL was starting to grow rapidly by this point. They hired new people and began adding new features to DYL, such as email campaigns and an automatic dialer. Eventually, DYL decided to move to its current location in Marina del Rey, California in order to be able to attend and sell at trade shows, conferences, and to attract attention from investors.

"We were attracted to the California lifestyle, weather, and investors," notes Matt.

Ironically, outside investment never proved necessary and the company remains self-funded to this day.

DYL Today

At this point, DYL is enjoying its new office in Marina del Rey with just the 3 co-founders: Mike, Matt, and James. Matt and James spent several months in the office by themselves doing sales, service, and training.

"We did sales over the phone and did demos of our software over the internet. Only at trade shows did we make any in-person sales. At this point, our company is big enough to where we are getting some inbound calls as well," says Matt.

Out of necessity, DYL starts expanding rapidly, adding over 30 employees in a short time. At this point, DYL adds the final piece to the puzzle: a VOIP phone system. Just like their lead software, DYL's phone system has become a hit among small businesses across the country.

"We had the phone system and lead system together since 2013. We are, at this point, the only company to offer a phone system, CRM, auto-dialing system, and text messaging services all under one company and platform," adds Matt.

In 2016, DYL joined the Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the United States. And because of the success, Matt is now a world-renowned sales trainer and gives speeches all over the country to businesses looking to improve their sales process.

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