Welcome back to our three-part series on the history of DYL. In our first two posts detailing how the company got its start, we explained the how and why surrounding its founders deciding to build an instant lead responder. We also looked at the complimentary features that were added to further increase contact rates.

Improving the sales rep-to-buyer relationship has always been a crucial aspect of the company's framework, and one of the essential elements to building out the platform has been working closely with customers to define the system's requirements. So while DYL's LeadConnect, CampaignConnect and ContactConnect obtains, calls, prioritizes, schedules, emails, texts and follows up with leads and clients, a fourth element in the system's construction, VoiceConnect, was implemented to help manage sales floors by enhancing communication among employees, vendors as well as clients.

Your Money Called...

If money was calling your business, but you didn't answer, would you even know? Missing calls with prospects ensures you'll never convert those contacts. And not getting back to current customers opens the door for clients to cancel. VoiceConnect was conceived to solve all of the above. By combining a cloud-based phone system with DYL's CRM software, every single inbound and outbound call is tracked. Nothing is ever lost. No call is ever missed. Regardless of whether a lead, a prospect or current client is trying to get in touch with you, the system's call history automatically records and tracks all of the caller's information and then notifies you.

VoiceConnect also offers Office View; this component allows owners and managers see who their employees are speaking with and for how long – all updated in real-time. Exceptional features ensure company protocol: allowing managers to monitor and barge into conversations when needed or whisper to staff when training. We've also improved on call transferring so you can easily drag and drop phone calls to available employees with just one click.

And when it comes to integrating with other systems, DYL has it covered. Built to seamlessly integrate with eAgent, eCMS, and Vertafore AMS360 -- just to name a few -- this system is designed to collaborate. Bonus: If there's a program that's not currently on our list, our in-house engineers will work to add it.

Developing a Phone System for the Future

With a laser-like focus on driving the industry forward, DYL is set to launch its mobile app during the second quarter of 2016. With the ability to turn any mobile phone into a mini call-center, which allows sales reps to dial and receive leads from anywhere, the technology is robust while including simple interfaces and customizable workflows.

Still three years away from hitting its 10-year mark, DYL has introduced technology that increases the intelligence of phone and email systems. After reaching our original goal of supporting sales floors in order to increase close ratios, DYL has also managed to improve the end-consumer's experience by allowing companies to respond to their inquiries instantly.

Working from an organized system that's both full-featured and ultra-fast increases efficiency, which fosters productivity. From there, producers are then able to serve up impressive bottom lines. Every hour of every day.

Contact us today to request a free demo, and let DYL radically increase your bottomline.