We've noticed so many articles discussing sales professionals hating their CRM (customer relationship management) software, we decided to dig a little deeper to see what all of the fuss is about.

The biggest complaint we spotted is that reps claim CRMs suck up precious time that could be better used closing deals. But according to the most recent Sales Performance Optimization Study Results from CSO Insights, a U.S. research firm that surveys the habits of sales executives annually, the percentage of time spent on administrative tasks is barely 14 percent.

Which probably means they're simply not entering information into the CRM at all. So a few of us cornered our master salesman, Matt "The Hammer" Vandervort, VP of sales and DYL co-founder, to get his opinion. His words exactly, "Sales reps don't hate CRMs."

Reports from the Merkle Group, based in Columbia, Maryland, show 63 percent of CRMs utilized in large enterprises fail, while Forrester Research, a research and advisory firm out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, reported that 49 percent of all CRMs fail. Why? After skimming a few of the articles we'd collected, Matt explained that if reps are using an outdated CRM, of course they'll hate it!

The CRM Grows Legs

Getting its foothold in the mid-'80s, the first idea of customer relationship setups were basically digital rolodexes introduced by ACT. From there, computers and their software continued to evolve, marrying contact management software with salesforce automation (SFA). According to CRMSwitch.com, "SFA took many of the features of database marketing, automated them, and combined them with contact management. This provided businesses with much more useful customer information. It also automated business tasks like inventory control and sales tasks like customer interaction tracking."

Nearly 30 years later, CRM software has made great leaps and bounds but, as you may already know, the problem is that many of the setups being used today still have one leg stuck in the early days. Owners and managers who once believed they were doing their companies, and ultimately their sales teams, a favor by embracing technology, are now realizing that digital transformation does not settle in after one big move but requires a series of upgrades in order to keep in step with the rapid evolution of tech. This is vital to keeping sales teams happily moving along the yellow brick road of technology; otherwise, the systems being utilized end up doing much more harm than good.

Breaking Down the CRM Problem

For every complaint the internet showcases regarding outdated sales systems, DYL has already devised a solution. And the key is our integration of a VoIP phone system with innovative CRM software.

  • Data Problems: Data simply isn’t entered into the system because the reps don’t have time, forget, etc., and even when it is entered, there are still problems with the information being added incorrectly.
  • DYL Solution: It should go without saying that having to manually input information is a ridiculous waste of time. DYL's CRM captures the information needed and then automatically populates the agent's computer screen with details on leads and customers. This way, after the rep is instantly connected with the buyer, they'll have the pertinent information needed to genuinely connect. Knowing your customer and what they need is one of the surest ways to build meaningful relationships and ensure repeat business and referrals.
  • Whose System Is It, Really: More often than not, it's C-level executives who survey different software technologies before pulling the trigger on a company-wide implementation. What follows is training managers on the new system while sales teams try and play catch up. Of course this is a system that's targeted to the wrong audience.
  • DYL Solution: Our unique CRM was designed by sales people for sales people. Thus, the system is designed and built to facilitate productive teams, increasing sales while impressing managers, brokers and owners. DYL also offers support for its customers from its headquarters, located in Los Angeles, California, keeping reps on the phones to save companies money by eliminating down-time. Plus, training on the system takes only a couple of hours.
  • CRM as Babysitter: When sales reps feel like there's someone breathing over their shoulder, there's a tenancy to push back against Big Brother.
  • DYL Solution: When sales professionals realize that the speed and simplicity of DYL's CRM helps increase their bottomline, the "pressure" of having everything tracked and recorded ultimately dissipates.

Not all CRMs are alike. Which one are you using?

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