If you read Part I on our DYL three-part series, then you know that the company got its start by designing and building a revolutionary instant lead responder. Quickly growing its first year year out, DYL (short for Dial Your Leads) eventually abbreviated the name because the system no longer just dialed leads. Designing and coding an instant lead responder was a great way to begin development on digitizing the phone system for sales professionals, but there were other moving parts vital to ensuring that an entire sales process could be managed from one system.

Building out the platform to include a myriad of features, DYL's setup continued gathering different pieces to sponsor an entire gallery of systems: an automatic callback feature, a campaign dialer, call tracking and recording plus a plethora of other features that all work in tandem with the instant lead responder.

Radically Transform Your Sales Process

In order to keep all of these advanced designs efficient and organized, the DYL setup incorporated a lead manager, or ContactConnect. Implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software that automatically populates your computer screen with lead information, allows sales professionals to instantly connect with prospects -- both literally and figuratively.

Think of ContactConnect as the mastermind behind DYL's all-in-one system: It's from here that the entire sales process can be conducted as the lead manager is designed to develop relationships at every stage of the sales process. From scoring leads to tracking and then following up with them, this hub offers a number of ways to make sure prospects move successfully through the pipeline while simultaneously allowing reps to manage the needs of existing clients.

DYL's automated technology gives sales professionals all of the tools necessary to easily keep track of prospective and current customer information, providing extra hours each week to pitch and close more deals. Stay tuned for our final post in this three-part series, where we discuss what DYL's automated phone system can do for owners and brokers.

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