Matthew Golden may have the perfect name for success, but he had to take a few wrong turns before he and his team found the right system to fit their needs.

Working at another agency for almost six years, Golden finally realized it wasn't a place where he could grow. So he set out on his own, starting from scratch. "Several of the producers from the old agency followed me, and we opened this Allstate branch in 2014," he says. Each year, Allstate awards the top performers with its Inner Circle Elite honor. Golden and his team qualified as Elite their first year and the next year as well.

Unfortunately, it's not as rosy as it all sounds. "We had to really work for those honors," notes Golden. "The first phone system we used was a total nightmare," he adds with disgust. He then switched to a different setup because he believed it would be safe to stick with one company for the long run. He explains, "But they still weren't able to provide what I was looking for."

Rethinking How You Connect With Prospects

Golden's agency was growing quickly, but at the same time Allstate was changing the guidelines for how to write policies in Texas. Switching gears meant extra hours and grit was needed from everyone involved. "Other agencies were suffering," reports Joel Thorpe, one of Golden's top producers, "and that's when Matthew came back from the Texas Leaders Forum conference with the DYL news."

After speaking with Matt Vandervort, DYL's co-founder and VP of sales, and Nick Wood, the company's top producer, Golden explained that he was in desperate need of a system that could do everything. "[Matt and Nick] explained to me that their system includes a campaign dialer and other features I'd been searching for since we opened," Golden, says, adding, "A lot of companies say they're 'adding new features' but then it never happens. DYL actually keeps adding the items our team needs."

The DYL duo invited Golden for a demo the next morning, and he switched right then and there. As Golden tells it, his team's call volume doubled. "No exaggeration. It really has," he stresses.

It's simple math, really: DYL's campaign dialer, or CampaignConnect feature, can systematically dial up to 100 person-to-person calls each hour. With just a couple clicks of the mouse, reps can rapidly move through long lists of leads and efficiently note the call result (reached, sent email, left voice mail, etc.) before the system is instantly dialing the next prospective client. This one feature saves producers several hours each week from the tedious task of hand dialing through calls and then manually entering contact information.

Before Golden and his team were using CampaignConnect, they were clocking around 2,200 calls per week – and that's with eight people on the phones. Post-DYL, they began to tally more than 5,000 calls per week, averaging 22,000 calls per month. Golden clarifies, "[DYL's] system made a drastic improvement in giving us more opportunities to get more people on the phone to close more deals. The campaign dialer has been phenomenal for us."

Are You Fluent in Texting?

Expanding from just a few agents to eight producers and three customer service representatives, Golden's agency has grown exponentially in just over a year and a half. Explaining that he's used "probably every system out there," Golden is thrilled with how quickly his team has grasped DYL's suite of systems. "My team likes DYL way better than the others – they pretty much love it!" He continues, "Everyone adapted pretty quickly, too, especially with the campaign dialer. The first sales rep to use it was like, 'This is amazing!' so everyone else jumped on board. Needless to say, it was not a difficult process to switch."

Golden admits that the system has "much more potential that [they're] not even using," such as text messaging, email drips as well as reports and analytics, courtesy of DYL's Lead Manager, ContactConnect. His team agrees that these days, the amount of people who feel more comfortable communicating via text than by phone is really quite shocking, making DYL's text and email templates incredibly useful.

DYL gives agents all of the tools necessary to increase volume in the fastest, most profitable and easiest way possible. Golden sums it up perfectly when he states, "DYL is the best switch I've made. No one else has an all-in-one integration with VoIP and CRM like this one."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Contact DYL today, and let us double your call volume.