When discussing the sales model, it's always been about the leads. Businesses grow by generating new leads and then converting those leads into sales. Although this equation may appear manageable, there are some key components that must happen in order to successfully convert leads into sales.

Numerous findings reported in business journals have never wavered on the fact that quickly responding to leads is the single most important step in succeeding on the sales front. But consider how swamped reps are with the pressures of increasing revenue, and then add to that the multitude of emails they receive each day. Those messages, which contain hot lead information, can (and do!) sit untouched in their inbox for several hours or more. For every minute that passes, the chances of closing a deal with those particular leads decreases rapidly. And if buyers aren't contacted immediately, they'll continue shopping elsewhere.

DYL Envisions a Better Way

The first system DYL designed and built solved this initial problem by instantly connecting producers with fresh leads from the internet. Doing the dirty work for sales professionals, the instant lead responder, or LeadConnect, gets behind the lead aggregators of the digital world, intercepts the information and then instantly reaches out to sales professionals to connect with the lead. Imagine having a personal concierge connecting you with every lead that came through in real-time. It's so much more convenient to receive calls with a hot lead on the other end than having to sort through your inbox, pick up the phone and call the lead…an hour or two after that person showed interest in your business. With the instant lead responder in place, sales professionals no longer have to scour for business; DYL dials your leads for you.

Keep in mind, however, that even if you get a lead on the phone immediately, it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to close the deal right then and there. Enter Matt Vandevort, O.G. salesman and co-founder of DYL. Matt is known for calling back prospective clients over and over and over again. So when Mike Frager, DYL's lead programmer and co-founder, first began coding the company's platform, he added a feature that automatically prompts agents to follow up with leads several times over the first few days. Because you don't always reach the lead on the first try.

Designed to make up to seven additional follow-up calls until the lead is reached (30 minutes later, 60 minutes later or any custom timeframe designated by the agent), DYL's callback feature isn't some pre-programmed robot calling leads, but rather, it expedites actual person-to-person calls -- multiple times. Just one more way the system increases sales professionals' contact rate with fresh leads.

Taking High-Speed Dialers to the Next Level

Online reports estimate that in order to ensure an 80 percent chance of converting, sales reps need to connect with prospects at least five times. With a statistic of five to 10 phone calls equaling a deal, it easy to see why DYL's setup includes a high-speed dialer that systematically dials through long lists of contacts.

Not to be confused with auto-dialing, DYL's dialer, CampaignConnect, was developed to follow up with real-time leads already in a sales rep's account, allowing an entire office of sales professionals to make more than 100 person-to-person calls per hour. Similar to LeadConnect, this feature literally puts reps on the phone with the lead, giving them the opportunity to make the sale. Case in point: DYL users have reported that this feature alone has doubled their contact rates.

So at this point we have DYL increasing productivity two-fold. First, LeadConnect dramatically increases the number of calls to leads, fostering happy customers that appreciate how they're going to be treated in the future. And second, the system allows you to make more follow-up calls to prospects, which naturally increases the contact rate. It really comes down to letting DYL do the grunt work so you can spend more time closing deals while keeping current clients happy.

Contact us today to request a free demo, and see how fast DYL's system works. And stay tuned for Part II of our DYL narrative to see how our suite of systems increase sales professionals' bottomline.