Once considered the "second screen," smartphones and tablets now earn the bulk our focus, positioning our once-beloved televisions as the new second screen. In Joshua Brustein's Bloomberg Businessweek article titled, “We Now Spend More Time Staring at Phones Than TVs,” he reports that people with smartphones and/or tablets "now spend an average of 2 hours and 57 minutes on them each day." Thus, it appears that the implications for mobile marketing and targeting are obvious, and marketers and sales teams must acclimate to these changes in order to stay in step with leads and clients.

Utilizing mobile technology to reach out to leads and convert them into new business may sound intimidating, but we're here to tell you it's so much simpler than it sounds. DYL makes the process easier and more efficient for thousands of sales professionals every day by giving you the ability to run your entire process from one platform.

With DYL texting, you’ll have the tools on your desktop to:

  • Affectively re-design templates for all of your employees to deploy to leads, including personalized and consistent brand messaging.
  • Efficiently communicate with leads with real-time notifications of responses.
  • Digitize your phone number so leads receive calls and text messages via your VoIP business number.

DYL Desktop Screen

Customer Phone Screen

When it comes to evolving with your customers, DYL's all-in-one system allows you to completely automate your entire sales process. Real-time notifications put you ahead of the competition for capturing leads, while the CRM lets you text, email and manage everything from your computer screen. Start your digital transformation today.Contact us today for a demo and to get started with DYL!